A brand isn’t just a logo. A brand is the sum of all touch points, both active and passive. Every conversation that you have with someone about where you work is a touch point for the KIPP Texas brand.

KIPP Brand Guidelines

At KIPP Texas, we have bold goals. To reach those goals, we need to inspire students and families to enroll, teachers and leaders to join us, funders to invest in us, and colleges and community organizations to partner with us. We can only do that if we have a strong, recognizable, credible brand. This document is designed to be a collective resource for big KIPPsters both seasoned and new a starting place and a point of reference as you communicate about KIPP Texas.

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photo library

Photo Library

KIPP Texas prizes its professional photography; please use it! We will continue to update this Google Drive folder with new photos, so continue to check back! Photos are property of KIPP Texas and cannot be used to represent anything or anyone but KIPP Texas.

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If you aren’t sure how to install a new font on your computer, check out these resources for PC and for Mac.

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KIPP Texas Colors

    • CMYK100/69/8/54
    • RGB 0/40/85
    • HEX002855
    • PMS295 C
    • CMYK60/25/0/0
    • RGB96/162/215
    • HEX60A2D7
    • PMS284 C