March 28, 2020

Championing Equity to Overcome the Digital Divide

The pandemic that closed schools and universities and forced education systems to quickly launch distance learning programs has created extraordinary hurdles for school children around the country left behind by the digital divide. KIPP Texas Public Schools is committed to providing thousands of its students without a computer, laptop, tablet or home internet, the opportunity to keep up. 

In our effort to champion equity and overcome this digital divide, KIPP Texas is providing Chromebooks for students to use.  KIPP Texas already had the infrastructure in place allowing it to quickly pivot to online learning strategies. 

See the full story from KRIV Fox 26 News here. 

See the full story from KPRC Channel 2 News here. 


KIPP Texas-Houston has 31 tuition-free schools educating close to 16,000 students from educationally underserved communities and is part of the KIPP Texas network of more than 55 pre-K-12 schools with 29,000 students across Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio.