October 30, 2019

KIPP Texas-Austin partners with Brighter Bites to deliver free produce to encourage families to make healthier choices

A new partnership between KIPP Texas-Austin and Brighter Bites provides two bags of fresh fruits and vegetables weekly into the hands of KIPP Austin Communidad families for free. The first week, 60 families participated. The following week, 120 families took advantage of the opportunity to receive fresh produce.

In addition to delivering the food to the school every week, Brighter Bites provides recipes and teaches families how to incorporate the nutritious produce items into their everyday lives. Research shows kids are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables after trying them multiple times, and after learning about healthy food through engaging, hands-on lessons.

One in four households in Austin are considered food insecure and 90% of KIPP Texas-Austin’s 5,000+ student population are economically disadvantaged. KIPP Texas-Austin is a part of the USDA Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) program where ALL students in the school get free breakfast and lunch.

CEP is a program for the nation’s highest poverty schools and districts to provide meals for free. Studies show many low-income families lack knowledge about healthy foods, lack access to fresh fruits and vegetables, and lack the money to buy nutritious, fresh foods.

KIPP Texas- Austin recognizes that there is a link between nutrition and education. We believe that well-nourished and physically-fit children are better able to learn.

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