January 20, 2020

KIPP Texas offers choices to parents of special needs kids

When doctors told Nedra Oaks that her precious toddler, Daishauna, would never read or write, Oaks feared for her future. Daishauna had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and hydrocephalus. So when it came time for Oaks to enroll Daishauna in school, she took utmost care to find the right school for her shy and timid 4-year old.

She toured KIPP Zenith and adored the school, its teachers and environment, yet she feared Daishauna wouldn’t be able to keep up with the rigorous academic curriculum. Daishauna began her education in a mainstream classroom, and her teachers implemented instruction methods tailored for her.

It’s a process that has proven successful: Daishauna now is a fifth-grader at KIPP Prime College Preparatory who reads and writes her name and counts to 100.

“The KIPP program is awesome,” said Nedra Oaks. “I think the key is for parents to have good communication with teachers,” she said.

At KIPP Prime College Preparatory, Daishuana engages in a combination of general education and self-contained special education classes. “I explained to her that in special ed classes some students don’t talk. Some have behavioral problems. You are also different and you learn different,” said Oaks.

Oaks is proud that her previously timid daughter is energetic and talkative. Daishauna now communicates how she feels rather than crying or shutting down.

Daishauna’s story illustrates that making the right choice from the start can help a child gain the building blocks of a sound education and develop positive attitudes toward school and learning.


KIPP Texas currently serves approximately 2,500 students in special education. We proudly serve ALL students, including those with mild-to-moderate disabilities (speech impairments, learning disabilities, etc.) and those with more significant disabilities (intellectual disabilities, severe Autism, severe behavior disorders, etc.).

KIPP Texas teachers blend small-group instruction and technology in creative ways to personalize learning and keep children encouraged, engaged, and continuously learning. Start your child’s journey today by completing our online application. Hurry and enroll before the February 21, 2020 deadline.