June 17, 2021

KIPP Texas Teachers Earn Top Pay

Teachers have a significant, lifelong impact on their students. They often serve as role models and inspire students to go further and dream bigger. KIPP Texas Public Schools, believes that teaching is a prestigious profession and the most important work we can do. In order to meet our ambitious mission and provide our students with the highest-quality teachers possible, teacher development and retention are two of our highest priorities.


KIPP Texas has launched a plan to develop, recognize, and reward excellent teaching and learning. The Teacher Career Pathway provides teachers an opportunity to advance through five career stages as they show effectiveness in the classroom along with increased compensation, and offers professional development and coaching to grow.

The Pathway provides teachers an opportunity to advance through five career stages as they show increasing effectiveness in the classroom and as part of their school community. As teachers advance, they can earn increased compensation and other rewards.

At KIPP Texas, across all of our regions, our teachers are among the highest paid teachers when compared to neighboring districts. In addition to having competitive starting and base salaries for our teachers, through our Teacher Career Pathway, our teachers can earn up to an additional $15,000 a year.

KIPP Texas is dedicated to professional growth, so even for our teachers and staff, the learning never ends. All teachers at KIPP Texas work with a coach who is dedicated to supporting each teacher’s individual growth and development.

“Coaching provides our experienced teachers an opportunity to develop themselves further and gives our newer educators the confidence, skills and self-awareness needed for a long and successful teaching career,” said Carter. “Research confirms that the most important factor contributing to a student’s success in school is the quality of teaching, and KIPP Texas is committed to professional learning to improve our schools and student learning,” she said.

KIPP Texas teachers create classrooms defined by high expectations because they believe in every student’s unlimited potential. If you want to be part of a supportive team that’s more like a family, then KIPP Texas is for you.