May 6, 2020

Ringing the bell-These 10 Houston-area teachers and staff go beyond the classroom amid the pandemic

By By Jacob Carpenter

Kellie Gallegos, a social worker at KIPP Nexus Primary in the KIPP Texas Public Schools charter network, often uses puppets while doing play therapy with her students during the pandemic. Gallegos connects with students and parents each day as they navigate the challenges of at-home learning. (Brett Coomer/Staff Photographer | Houston Chronicle)

As if there was any doubt before, parents and relatives now know for certain: running a school isn’t easy.

It’s a challenging, exhausting labor of love for thousands of Houston-area educators and support staff — many of whom are working like never before amid the novel coronavirus pandemic to support the region’s million-plus children.

We asked readers and districts to tell us about educators and school support staffers who have gone above and beyond, prompting dozens of responses describing innovative and tireless advocates for children. 

While no amount of work can replicate the indelible experience of a humming school building, these school employees are making the best of it, hoping their efforts will carry their kids through the shutdown and beyond. Click here to read the full story.