Public Announcement

March 22, 2021

Virtual Learning Day and In-Person Learning Updates

Dear KIPP Texas Families,

Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope you were able to enjoy your much-needed time with friends and family over the past two weeks. 

On the one hand, I feel refreshed, recharged, and ready for the last instructional cycle of the year, eager to focus on planning for next year as we finish this year strong. On the other hand, I am angry. As I reflect on the senseless murders in Georgia last week that resulted in the death of eight people, including six Asian American women, I am at a loss for words. I am frustrated by the lack of attention and action toward the numerous hate crimes against Asians and Asian-Americans in our country.

The rising surge of violence and hostility toward the Asian-American community across our country is devastating, and we firmly condemn these acts of racism. As KIPPsters, we stand in solidarity with our Asian American students, colleagues, friends, and families. As you remember the victims, please say their names: Soon Chung Park, Hyun Jung Grant, Suncha Kim, Yong Ae Yue, Delaina Ashley Yaun, Paul Andre Michels, Xiaojie Tan, and Daoyou Feng. #SayTheirNames

We have to come together, in unity and community, to end racism and stop the hate. As members of our communities, we must activate ourselves. We must all do our part to step up and listen to, support, and truly value the many diverse, vibrant communities that comprise the Asian American population. This week, we will have conversations with your students, to create a safe space for our Asian American students to be heard, and to listen so that we can learn from each other in unity. 

I have a few important updates for you today.


Virtual Learning Day on April 1

Please note that April 1 has been adjusted as a virtual learning day. This means that all Little KIPPsters will participate in virtual learning on this day. KIPPsters will participate in live online sessions facilitated by their teachers in the morning. In the afternoon, KIPPsters will complete independent lessons activities assigned by their teachers. This change to our schedule is so our teachers can have Professional Development sessions in the afternoon.

AMSynchronous Learning (Live Online Lessons)

PMAsynchronous Learning (Lessons assigned by teachers)

Please expect to receive more details from your school. Contact your school’s front office if you have any questions.

Reminder for Families of KIPPsters Learning In-Person 

At the start of every quarter, we have families who have changed their KIPPster’s Method of Learning from virtual to in-person for the first time. If your KIPPster is planning to receive in-person instruction for the first time this year, and you haven’t already, please make sure you have reviewed the following three resources, where you’ll find an overview and detailed information of our plans so Big and Little KIPPsters alike will have a safe start to the quarter:

  1. Please watch this “First Day of School” video with your KIPPster:
  2. Please read the At-a-Glance back-to-school guide:
  3. Please review the full back-to-school guide for more information:

KIPP Texas firmly believes that wearing masks along with other health and safety practices such as washing and disinfecting our hands, and maintaining social distance whenever possible, particularly in a school setting, mitigates the spread of COVID-19. As such, KIPP Texas will continue requiring all KIPPsters, staff, and visitors on our campuses to wear masks. 

Reminder for Families of KIPPsters Learning Virtually – Grab & Go Meals

KIPP Texas Public Schools provides free Grab & Go breakfast, lunch, and supper meals to our students learning virtually from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily at all KIPP Texas campuses. Meals can be picked up at any campus, not just your KIPPster’s campus. Students do not need to be present. Click HERE for a list of campuses, distribution times, and addresses. We want to make sure our Little KIPPsters learning virtually get breakfast, lunch, and supper each day.


We are so excited for a celebratory, strong, and fun-filled end of year! Let’s make these last few months the very best of this school year!

With gratitude,

Sehba Ali

Important Links:

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