Welcome to KIPP Texas Public Schools

KIPP Texas Public Schools is a family of 57 schools and nearly 35,000 students pre-K through 12 with plans to grow to 100,000 students.

About KIPP Texas

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KIPP Texas at a Glance

Our Schools

  • 22 Elementary Schools
  • 26 Middle Schools
  • 11 High Schools

Our Students

  • 35,000 Enrolled
  • 82% Economically Disadvantaged
  • 38% English Learners

Our Results

KIPP Texas students GRADUATE COLLEGE at a rate FOUR TIMES HIGHER than the national average for students in educationally underserved neighborhoods.


KIPP Forward: a Distinctive Difference

KIPP’s dedication to our students doesn’t end at high school graduation. KIPP Forward supports students college entry through graduation and plays a critical role in our students’ long-term success.

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