Primary School at KIPP Texas

Your child will learn what it means to be a KIPPster! In 1st – 4th grade, students learn how to love learning, interact with teachers and peers, and build their confidence for future success.

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Introduction to Primary School

We help our KIPPsters love learning from day one – building joyful learning experiences that set the foundation for more robust reading, math, science, and social studies skills.

Our students build knowledge by participating in enrichment courses throughout the week. These courses vary by school and can include art, music, dance, technology, etc.

Founded on community, care, and a culture centered on a love for learning, our schools aim to foster a positive relationship with school for every student, every family, from the very start. Teachers are in touch frequently with parents about their child’s character growth and academic progress, and go above and beyond to help students thrive.

I would describe this school like a very fun place, where there’s a lot of family here. Team & Family means that we always help each other and no matter, even if we get hurt or we need help, we always complete something in our life.

– Isack S., 4th grader at KIPP Un Mundo Primary

Foundation for Future Success

Research shows that high-quality early learning is connected to school readiness and later life outcomes. KIPP students are more likely to be promoted to the next grade and graduate high school. Choosing a high-quality primary school program for your child now makes a difference in their future!

Primary School Experience

Our students are empowered to build on their academic and extracurricular interests and lay the groundwork for a rewarding educational experience.

Social-Emotional Learning

A love for learning is fostered in an environment that empowers them through an emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion by helping develop their social and emotional skills.

Proven Impact

Our students get small group instruction for both reading and math. Our reading intervention program has shown to almost double the percentage* of KIPPsters reading on grade level.

By the end of 4th grade, KIPP classes outperform students in their local districts!**

  • By 71% in mathematics
  • By 57% in reading

*2023 Amplify Research Study
**KIPP Foundation National Results 2018-19

Our Joyful Primary Programs

KIPP Texas offers high-quality programming across all our regions. Review frequently asked questions below.

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