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Cute young lady listening to her teacher at KIPP

Our Primary

Our primary schools are founded on community, care and the cultivation of a love for learning. Our goal is for students to love school from the very start. There is a strong emphasis on Foundational Literacy, Conceptual Math, and exposure to STEAM experiences (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math).

Child at KIPP Texas Public School - Listening to his Teacher

Our Middle

Middle school is the place and space to begin the development of our student’s identities as informed and engaged citizens of their school, communities, and of the world. They learn to think deeply, to write passionately, and to engage thoughtfully with rigorous learning experiences.

Teacher showing her class how to complete the task in the right way

Our High

High schools are designed to ensure students explore the possibilities beyond high school in a safe environment. They build their intellectual expertise through rigorous coursework and Advanced Placement classes. They feed their thirst for learning and leadership through a broad range of learning experiences whether it is advocacy, class debates, taking action in their communities, bringing us inspiration through the arts, designing new prototypes, compete athletically, and so much more. They graduate ready to choose a path that creates a fulfilling life whether it is college or another viable path.

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