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KIPP Texas Public Schools is an open-enrollment, tuition-free public charter school network of 59 schools with 34,000 Pre-K – 12 students across Texas. We are committed to excellence, equity, and empathy in education with a focus on college and career readiness.

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Whole-Child & Community Approach

We provide a safe and positive learning environment, where excellence, equity and empathy are at the core of the student experience.

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Academic Excellence

Together with our families and communities, we create joyful, academically excellent schools that prepare our students to pursue any path they choose — college, career, and beyond.

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Joyful Learning Experiences

We partner with families and communities in creating joyful, equitable student experiences that instill a love of learning and build a strong sense of belonging.

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Highly Skilled Teachers and Leaders

Our dedicated teachers create a culture of support, achievement, and personalized learning to work with each student in the way they learn best.

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A School and a Community

At KIPP Texas, our students, families, teachers, and staff create a community we call Team & Family. Through this community, our students are supported in every step of their education journey, including college, career, and beyond!

The most valuable educational experience for any student comes from caring for the “whole child” – their academics, their well-being, their unique gifts, their joy, their safety, their entire family, and their unique needs and experiences. We are focused on creating schools where students feel brave, have a strong sense of belonging, and feel prepared to pursue post-secondary success.

KIPP Texas is intentional in providing service and support to the whole family. We support our community in many ways outside of the classroom – from technology access to providing free, healthy meals to counseling services – we ensure the needs of our students and families are met.

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Academic Excellence

While it is not the ultimate measure of our KIPPsters’ success, academics are vital, and we take academic achievement seriously. Founded on community, care, and connection, our academically excellent schools aim to foster a positive relationship with school for every student, every family, from the very start.

KIPP Texas cultivates a love for learning at all levels by making school challenging and engaging and sparking curiosity through lessons that connect to our students’ lives.

Your Child’s Journey Starts Here and Leads To:

By the end of 8th grade, KIPP classes outperform their local districts!1
• By 76% in math
• By 63% in reading

4x Higher Alumni College Graduation Rate*

97% High School Graduation Rate

100% of Our Graduates Are Accepted to College

12,000 Alumni Currently Enrolled in a College or University

1KIPP Foundation 2018-19 National Results

Awards & Accolades

21 KIPP Texas schools were named to the inaugural list of U.S. News & World Report’s Best Elementary and Middle Schools in 2021!

6 KIPP Texas High Schools were named among the best in the state in the following categories: college readiness, math and reading proficiency, math and reading performance, underserved student performance, college curriculum breadth, and graduation rate.2

4 KIPP Texas high schools are ranked in the Top 50 High Schools in Texas and among the top 1% of America’s 22,000+ high schools.3

2U.S. News & World Report, 2022 Rankings 32022 Jay Mathews Challenge Index Rankings

Joyful Classroom Experiences

JOY is at the heart of everything we do at KIPP Texas.

Our schools provide a safe and positive learning environment, where excellence, equity, and empathy are at the core of the student experience.

We work to create environments where students can form deep, supportive, and lasting relationships with each other and provide a diverse array of opportunities for each student to shine. We believe every student walks through the doors of school bearing gifts… Talent. Perspective. Drive. Inspiration… We support and elevate those gifts, so students build the skills and confidence they need to thrive.

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Highly Skilled Teachers and Leaders

Together, with heart, we build schools where adults love to work and children love to learn! KIPP Texas hires a diverse team of dynamic, collaborative, and dedicated leaders with an unyielding belief that every child will succeed.

We believe a high-quality education recognizes and cultivates each student’s individual capabilities, creative talents, needs, and interests. Our dedicated teachers create a culture of support, achievement, and personalized learning to work with each student in the way they learn best.

“Regardless of where I go from here, I’m going to be successful because of the skills I have learned at KIPP Texas... I have the confidence to use my voice, and I have the power to find my own happiness.”


4th Grader

KIPP Austin Obras

"The teachers here give so much of themselves in providing a rigorous education, and yet they also prioritize the emotional, physical, and mental health of their students. They are simply amazing, and my kids have grown so much.”

Jessica D.

KIPP Texas Parent

“I do this work and love these students the way I do because it is actually life changing. And when we change lives, we can also change the world.”

Etima Bowman

School Leader

KIPP Camino Academy

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