Health Services

The health of our Little and Big KIPPsters is a top priority for KIPP Texas Public Schools. This page is a one-stop-shop for health-related information for the 2023-24 school year.

School Health Services

School Nurses

KIPP Texas School Health Services team consists of nurses and clinic coordinators who service all of our KIPP schools. Our nurses and clinic coordinators provide a warm and welcoming environment for students to receive individualized health care. We work very closely with mental health, nutrition, and school staff to ensure your child’s health needs are advocated. Our goal is to support KIPPsters and families to have the best school experience and bring joy.

How can the KIPP Texas School Health Services Team individually impact your child?
We offer the following services:

  • First Aid Care
  • Emergency Care Services
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Medication Administration
  • Skilled Nursing Procedures
  • Care of students with chronic health conditions
  • Resources for immunizations and free eye glasses
  • Medical referrals for healthcare services
  • Screen and refer for vision, hearing,scoliosis and diabetes risk
  • Provide health education to students, staff, and parents

We aim to support students by reducing absenteeism, academic failure, and school dropouts related to health barriers. If we can provide any of these services for your child, please directly contact your site-based nurse/clinic coordinator.

COVID-19 Updates

We prioritize the health and safety of our staff and students and encourage COVID-19 testing for symptomatic individuals and those exposed. Masking is not required unless positive and we support those who still wish to wear masks. To prevent the spread of illnesses, proper handwashing, cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting is encouraged. As well as staying up-to-date with vaccines.

Symptomatic Student (vaccinated and unvaccinated)
No quarantine required, but testing is recommended if symptoms include cough, fever, runny nose, pink eye, and/or shortness of breath. (PCR or rapid regardless of vaccination status)

COVID-positive Student (symptomatic and asymptomatic)
Quarantine required. 5 days of isolation are required after a positive COVID test if asymptomatic or for 5 days after the start of symptoms. Isolation may end if a negative test is obtained or at the end of the 5 days as long as symptoms are improving and fever free for >24 hours. It is required to wear a well-fitted mask upon return for 10 days from symptom onset or date of positive test. If you have two sequential negative tests 48 hours apart, you may remove your mask sooner than day 10. See CDC Guidance.

Student lives with COVID-positive individual
No quarantine required. A well-fitting mask is recommended for a full 10 days. Testing is recommended 5-7 days after exposure. TEA does not allow us to mandate quarantine for student close contacts.

Student with a possible exposure
No quarantine required. A well-fitting mask is recommended for a full 10 days. Testing is recommended 5-7 days after exposure. TEA does not allow us to mandate quarantine for student close contacts.


Texas State law requires that all children attending school be immunized against various childhood diseases. All immunizations should be completed by the first day of attendance. During registration, a copy of the current updated student’s immunization record is required. The nurse/clinic coordinator/designee will evaluate the student’s immunization record and notify the parent/guardian of any other required immunizations. Students must maintain updated immunizations or be current on the catch-up schedule while attending a public school. KIPP Texas Public Schools are required by Texas law to abide by the no-shots-no school requirements.


Students with a medical condition that are not able to receive vaccines, parents may submit a medical exemption from their healthcare provider. A student that has had varicella (chicken pox) disease, parents may complete the History of Varicella Disease form. All other exemptions (Religious or Reason of Conscience), parents must submit the completed notarized original affidavit from the Texas Department of Health Services (DSHS) to be kept in the student’s permanent folder until the student transfers to another school. Students must have the original processed notarized affidavit before registering for school.

See 25 Texas Administrative Code Section 97.63 for a list of required vaccines.

2023-2024 Texas Minimum State Vaccine Requirements for Students Grades K-12

2023-2024 Texas Minimum State Vaccine Requirements for Early Child-Care and Pre-K Facilities

Guidelines for the Care of Students with Food Allergies at Risk for Anaphylaxis

Meningitis Information for Students and Parents

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Medications and Procedures

Students requiring medication administration during school hours must have a physician’s order signed by their healthcare provider and the parent/guardian. A new physician’s order is required every school year to authorize the school nurse/clinic coordinator or designee to administer medications to students. Over the counter medications must have a physician’s order to be administered during school hours. Students can only self-carry emergency medications with a physician’s orders signed by the healthcare provider and parent/guardian stating permission to self-carry. Please contact the school nurse/clinic coordinator for support if your child requires medications during school hours.

Students requiring treatments and special medical procedures during school hours must have a physician’s order signed by the healthcare provider and parent/guardian. Parents should contact the school nurse/clinic coordinator for support. Examples of special procedures may include but are not limited to tracheostomy care, tube feedings, urinary catheterizations, dressing changes, and ostomy care.

Physician Request/Authorization for Prescribed Medication

Emergency Medical Treatment

If a student has a medical emergency at school or at a school-related activity, the school may call 911 emergency medical services. Parents should keep emergency care information up-to-date (list of emergency contacts, current phone numbers, allergies etc.). Please contact the appropriate school personnel to update any information.

Health History

Your child’s health history will help the school nurse/clinic coordinator support the student while at school. The health staff can assess physical and mental conditions which may require adjusting the school program. The health information you record on the Health History form during registration will become a part of your child’s school health record and remain confidential. Please contact your child’s school nurse/clinic coordinator if your KIPPster has a health condition or any changes that may need attention.

School Based Mental Health Services

Every KIPP school has 1-2 school based mental health team members. These are counselors or social workers that support the mental health of every student at KIPP Texas. Some of the services that they offer include:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Campus-Wide Initiatives/ Events
  • Community & Family Psychoeducation/ Response
  • Parent Education Classes/Workshops
  • Community Resources

A consent form must be signed if you would like your child to receive care from your school’s school-based mental health staff member.

23-24 School Year School-Based Mental Health Consent Form coming soon