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Our people are our most critical resource in ensuring that KIPP Texas delivers on commitments to students and families. From our teaching fellowship programs that create supportive pathways into the classroom to our leader development programs that help you confidently lead a school, we’re deeply invested in programs to support diverse careers in education.

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Pre-Teacher PROGRAMing

KIPP Texas Teaching Fellows

Teaching Fellows at KIPP Texas campuses will participate in monthly program learning opportunities over the course of the school year to ensure skill development and readiness to enter into a teaching position at the start of the following school year. Our Teaching Fellowships are designed for you to learn and work alongside mentor teachers to develop foundational teaching skills and gain first-hand classroom experience, while also supporting rigorous student learning daily.


Applicants must have obtained a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university before their scheduled start.

KIPP Texas Relay Residency

In partnership with the Relay Graduate School of Education, the KIPP Texas Public Schools Relay Residency provides a unique opportunity for aspiring teachers to learn alongside mentor teachers, while earning a master’s degree in teaching and a Texas teaching certificate. This prestigious, paid, two-year residency immerses Residents in intensive clinical training through coursework and deliberate practice with a gradual on-ramp into teaching. Paired with experienced teachers during their first year, Residents gradually take on more instructional responsibilities before stepping into the classroom full time their second year in the program.


  • The residency is for those who are excited to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching while honing their teaching skills and craft.
  • Residents are placed in elementary (grades PK-4) and secondary math, science, social studies and English language arts (grades 5-12) classrooms, in either Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio.
  • Relay Graduate School of Education classes meet virtually several times a month.
  • The residency is designed as a pathway to a lead teaching position at KIPP Texas Public Schools.

Teacher Programming

Teacher Career Pathway

At KIPP Texas Public Schools, we believe excellent teaching is the key to delivering on promises to students and families. The prestigious profession of teaching is the most important work done each day at KIPP Texas. To recognize the work of our teachers, we have created the Teacher Career Pathway (TCP) with the goal of developing, recognizing, and rewarding excellent teaching.

In addition to participating in TCP, KIPP Texas teachers have the opportunity to serve as mentor teachers to members of our teaching fellowship programs, teacher-leader cohorts, high-performing teacher cohorts, and obtain national board certification.

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TCP Development & Evaluation Framework

The Development and Evaluation Framework represents what we believe excellent teaching looks like at KIPP Texas.

Student Growth & Achievement:
An excellent KIPP teacher consistently prepares students for success in a choice-filled life by ensuring students meet and exceed academic expectations.
Quality of Instruction:
An excellent KIPP teacher facilitates student learning and growth through rigorous, joyful instruction.
Student & Family Relationships:
An excellent KIPP teacher builds strong relationships and maintains high expectations for all students.
Self and Others:
An excellent KIPP teacher is committed to the KIPP Texas mission and values, and demonstrates a high level of competence and growth mindset.

Placement, Rewards, & Recognition

Teachers are placed or advance along the Pathway at the conclusion of each year. After placement, teachers are eligible for a wide variety of rewards and recognition associated with each of our stages on the Pathway.

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TCP Development Opportunities

At KIPP Texas, it is our mission to provide ALL of our invaluable teachers with meaningful growth and development opportunities, no matter where they are in their teaching career! The Teacher Career Pathway implements development opportunities through a variety of means:

Frequent, real-time coaching touchpoints focusing on each teacher’s individual strengths and areas of growth.
Participation in regular professional development trainings that focus on enhancing teachers’ individual skill sets.
Access to career development funds that can be used to support teachers’ individual professional development interests.
Opportunities to take on leadership and mentoring roles at the school and district levels.

Additional Pay Potential 

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Instructional Leadership PROGRAMMING

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Assistant Principal Development

We believe that quality leader development experiences lead to increased impact for students, satisfaction in role, plus the confidence and commitment to continue at KIPP Texas for the long term. Utilizing our AP Development Roadmap, we offer targeted and differentiated professional development experiences aimed at increasing proficiency for Assistant Principals at every stage of their development utilizing the 70/20/10 framework.

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Principal in Residence

KIPP Texas’ Principal in Residence Program is a highly selective residency designed to prepare high-performing, aspiring principals to be successful school leaders in the future. All participants are full-time, paid members of the school leadership team with daily opportunities to practice the skills and competencies required to lead high-achieving schools within the safety net of those who are proven.

Principal in Residence Overview


Residents are exposed to excellent school design and provided with a Mentor School Leader who serves as their model and coach for strong leadership.

Development Roadmap & Performance Assessments

Each resident has a development plan that is mapped to critical School Leadership skills. Residents are frequently observed in school and must pass approximately 40 performance assessments each year aligned to these skills to demonstrate school leader readiness.


Residents receive ongoing coaching against the development plan from two on-the-ground mentors: the Mentor School Leader and the Director of Leadership Development.

Formal Professional Development

Residents receive formal professional development aligned to the Development Roadmap and which targets specific individual developmental opportunities.

Readiness Checkpoints

Quarterly evaluation checkpoints provide an opportunity for the resident, the Mentor School Leader, Director of Leadership Development, and other regional stakeholders, to reflect on the Resident’s progress towards School Leader Readiness.

Transition/Launch Planning

Residents receive supported planning throughout the process to step into the School Leader seat as a Successor or Founding school leader.

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During the interview process, all Principal in Residence candidates will be assessed using KIPP’s School Leadership Readiness Criteria. Eight research-based competencies of highly-effective school leaders will be reviewed to prioritize experience and skills.

Principal in Residence Requirements

KIPP Texas is looking for proven instructional leaders ready for the next step in their development and a catapult into school leadership. A strong candidate for Principal-in-Residence is someone who is currently:

  • Assistant Principal
  • Dean of Instruction
  • Instructional Coach
  • Other roles responsible for teacher development and performance enhancement
  • Can demonstrate evidence of driving ambitious academic results
  • A desire to be a principal in 1 to 2 years

Principal in Residence Application Process & Deadlines

Submit a formal application including resume and cover letter highlighting qualifications and the interest in the Principal in Residency Program.

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