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KIPP Texas Public Schools is an open-enrollment, free public charter school network of 54 schools with more than 31,000 Pre-K – 12 students across the state and an impact of 30 years in Texas. Together with our families and communities, we prepare our students for college, career, and beyond!

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kipp TEXAS is hiring!

There’s a Place for You at KIPP Texas! KIPP Texas is hiring for a diverse team of dynamic, collaborative, and dedicated individuals with an unyielding belief that every child will succeed. Together, with heart, we build schools where adults love to work and children love to learn. Join our Team & Family today!

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a right to Education

Together with families and communities, we create joyful, academically excellent schools that prepare students with the skills and confidence to pursue the paths they choose — college, career, and beyond — so they can lead fulfilling lives and build a more just world.

We are committed to equity in education with an instructional program in which students will be given the opportunity to master the fundamental skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, spelling, and mathematics. Other fundamental learning in the arts, literature, foreign language, natural sciences, social sciences, physical education, and college and career readiness skills is provided for all students. Recognition is given and provisions are made for the individual capabilities, creative talents, needs, and interests of each student.

KIPP Texas
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It’s a pathway to a bright and dynamic future for our KIPP Texas students. On behalf of our students and their families, thank you for your life-changing gift.

As a Team and Family, we:

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Champion Equity
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Chase Excellence
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Persist with Purpose
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Bring Joy
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Rise Together

KIPP Texas Public Schools relentlessly pursues preparing all students for success in college, leadership, and life. We acknowledge we may not always get it right and we have opportunities to grow and improve. With this, we have examined our practices which has led us to formally establish an unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes KIPP Texas different?

At KIPP, teachers, students, and families are all united around the same goal—college graduation. Through our collective hard work and commitment, KIPP students complete college at a rate that is comparable to the national average for all students and four times higher for students from low-income households. Our success is driven by:

High Expectations: KIPP has clearly defined high expectations for academic achievement and conduct that create and reinforce a culture of accomplishment and support.

Strength of Character: Success in life depends on more than academic learning. We help students foster character strengths that are essential for their own success. We empower our students to express their voice with power and to improve the world around them.

Highly Skilled Teachers and Leaders: Great schools require great teachers and school leaders. We empower our school teams and invest in leadership and training.

Safe & Structured Environments: Physical and emotional safety is necessary for students to feel comfortable taking risks and learning from their successes and their mistakes. Our schools provide a safe, structured, and nurturing environments with minimal distractions so our students love school and maximize their learning.

KIPP Forward: KIPP schools ensure each student has the skills and confidence to pursue any path that leads to their highest aspirations. Our counselors support students to choose and prepare for a right-fit college or education path and a meaningful career.

Are KIPP Texas schools public schools?

Yes, our schools are free, open-enrollment, college-preparatory public charter schools.

Does KIPP Texas use social-emotional learning?

Yes, KIPP Texas incorporates the four key cognitive, affective and behavioral competencies of social-emotional learning: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

What is KIPP Forward?

KIPP Forward is a program designed to help our KIPPsters go to and through college and lead a choice-filled life. KIPP Texas counselors work with students starting in middle school to select the right classes, fill out the FAFSA and other college scholarship forms, prepare to take the ACT, and support them as they prepare for and select the right college and career based on their interests and passions. After high school, KIPP Texas advisors help alumni navigate the academic, social, and financial challenges they might encounter while in college or pursuing a career. Learn more about KIPP Forward College.

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