October 2, 2021

Celebrating KIPP Texas Custodians

On this National Custodial Worker’s Recognition Day, we celebrate the contributions of our 91 beloved Big KIPPsters who work tirelessly behind the scenes. Our custodians’ work is not just about keeping buildings clean; they play a pivotal role in keeping them safe, too. Never have their services and dedication been more needed and more appreciated than now. If you want to know what makes KIPP Texas custodians so phenomenal, take a look at these stories from across the state. 


Alicia Velazquez Martinez, KIPP Texas – Austin

“My work has helped KIPP’s effort to keep kids safe during this pandemic, and my job is to make sure all students have a sanitized environment. I love knowing that I help provide students and teachers with a clean and safe place to work and learn.”




Maria Guardado, KIPP Texas – Austin

“I love the company of my colleagues, and it is fulfilling that what I do support students and teachers with a clean environment.”



Claudia Arranaga, KIPP Texas – San Antonio

In addition to ensuring all custodians in San Antonio consistently clean high-touch points, Claudia has taken ownership of counting and distributing PPE and COVID test kit supplies.  “The facilities team is amazing,” she says, “…and we have a manager who supports us daily and praises us for our hard work.”



Perla Delos Santos, KIPP Texas – San Antonio

As the lead custodian for the KIPP Cevallos campus, Perla pushes and directs her team to improve daily duties and attention to detail. She loves to help all Big and Little KIPPsters, and supports them in any way she can.  




Reyna Castro, KIPP Texas – Dallas

Ms. Castro is on the frontlines as we continue to work through a pandemic. She has aided in the implementation of statewide trainings on safe techniques for disinfection. “I love working with our little KIPPsters,” she says. “My children are adults now, but seeing our KIPPsters reminds me of when my children were that age, and I love being able to provide a safe and clean environment for them.”



Lucia Juarez, KIPP Texas – Dallas

“I like to be able to socialize with teachers every day, and I love how our little KIPPsters greet me in the mornings with a smile.”





Glenda Navarro, KIPP Texas – Houston

Glenda is the mother to two KIPP students, and is always willing to help anyone who needs it.






Maribel Martinez, KIPP Texas – Houston

Maribel loves the team mentality at KIPP, and admires how everyone comes together when someone needs help. 



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