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We want to partner with our community and navigate each election together. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, KIPP Texas does not endorse any candidate or political party.

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Election Info At-A-Glance

November 7, 2023

Make sure you are registered to vote. Remember, all KIPP Texas students and staff will have early dismissal on election day to get to the polls and vote!

For non-partisan and official information about upcoming elections, voter registration, polling locations and more, visit We hope you’ll sign up for alerts from our KIPP Texas team so you can stay involved!

Voting Resources

  • Election deadlines:
  • Current election information:
  • Election Protection Hotline: 866-OUR-VOTE
  • U.S. Department of Justice Voting Hotline: (800) 253-2931
  • Voter intimidation memo: Voter intimidation is illegal in the United States and in Texas. Some examples of this would be a poll watcher (not an elections official) demanding to see your ID, questioning eligibility of a voter based on race or ethnicity, or spreading false information about voting requirements. Any harassment or behavior of this kind should be reported to the Election Protection Hotline at 866-OUR-VOTE.

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