Ensuring Excellence As We Grow: Our Strategic Initiatives

Through Rise Together, we are investing in key strategic initiatives to expand elements of our program that will dramatically impact the KIPPsters we educate.

Build A Critical Foundation


Research shows that high-quality, full-day pre-K has significant, positive effects on school readiness, academic achievement, and high school graduation rates. Data illustrates that students who attend pre-K at KIPP Texas have improved outcomes in kindergarten and 2nd grade compared to students who did not attend pre-K at KIPP Texas. Because of the power of pre-K to set students up for success in life, we are expanding to provide full-day pre-K in all regions throughout KIPP Texas.


Create New Ladders To Climb


We invest in leadership development and retention of our teachers and leaders through a dynamic pipeline. Our team engages in real-time training, coaching, and exciting career development opportunities to produce exceptional student outcomes.

This investment ensures we always have extraordinary teachers and leaders for our growing number of schools.

student and teacher

College, Career, and Beyond


A post-secondary education is the surest vehicle to a life of opportunity. KIPP Forward – the most extensive public school-based college support program in the country – supports alumni as they journey to and through college. We are extending our scope to ensure our students are fully equipped to pursue the paths they choose in college, career, and beyond.