17 KIPP Texas Seniors Receive Full-Ride Scholarships to Top Colleges through QuestBridge National College Match Program

KIPP Texas Public Schools is excited to announce that 17 of our KIPPsters from the Class of 2024 were selected for full-ride scholarships to top colleges, including one Ivy League match, through the highly selective QuestBridge National College Match Scholarship program. 

This year, QuestBridge’s 50 college partners matched with 2,242 students, recognized as Match Scholarship Recipients. This is the highest number of Match Scholarship Recipients to date for QuestBridge. These Match Scholarship Recipients were chosen from 6,683 finalists nationwide selected this year from over 20,800 applications! Students were selected based on academic achievement, financial qualifications, and character.  

The QuestBridge National College Match Scholarship program is a college and scholarship application process that helps outstanding high school seniors who are economically disadvantaged gain admission and full four-year scholarships to the nation’s most selective colleges. QuestBridge accomplishes this by partnering with these schools to identify and support students who otherwise may not apply to lead colleges. 

Applicants must submit their transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation while ranking the colleges of their choice to be considered for early admission and a full college scholarship. 

Our fantastic KIPP Texas counselors from KIPP Forward partnered with our Little KIPPsters and their families every step of the way to help them fulfill the QuestBridge applications.

College Match Scholarships, which participating colleges provide, cover the full cost of tuition, room, and board, are loan-free, and require no parental contribution.

Our early admission full-ride College Match Recipients include: 


  • KIPP Austin Collegiate: Alejandra Larraga – Vanderbilt University
  • KIPP Austin Collegiate: Erick Aguirre – Dartmouth College
  • KIPP Austin Collegiate: Giselle Vasquez – Brown University
  • KIPP Austin Collegiate: Ileana Martinez Yanez – University of Notre Dame
  • KIPP Austin Collegiate: Karyme Suarez – Emory University
  • KIPP Austin Collegiate: Katherin Arriaza-Gamino – University of Notre Dame
  • KIPP Austin Collegiate: Nelly Mercado – Pomona College
  • KIPP Austin Collegiate: Roberto Gongora – Washington University in St Louis
  • KIPP Austin Collegiate: Viviana Vallejo – Northwestern University


  • KIPP Connect Preparatory: Jacqueline Morales Alvarado – University of Notre Dame
  • KIPP Houston High School: Adetoun Taiwo – Duke University
  • KIPP Houston High School: Nicole Isibor – University of Southern California
  • KIPP Houston High School: Ruby Aleman Rojas – Washington University in St Louis
  • KIPP Houston High School: Adeola Adele – Amherst College
  • KIPP Houston High School: Ezihe Onyebuchi – Carleton College
  • KIPP Generations Collegiate: Lexie Leija – University of Notre Dame

San Antonio 

  • KIPP Somos Collegiate: Sara Alvarenga – Carleton College

Congratulations to our selected College Match Recipients! The KIPP Texas Team and Family is so proud of you!

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