Congratulations to the KIPP Texas Class of 2024!

We are thrilled to celebrate the outstanding achievements of the KIPP Texas Class of 2024! This year, 1,375 seniors have brought in an impressive $227 million in scholarships, showcasing their dedication, hard work, and academic excellence.

Exceptional Achievements

  • Goldberg Scholars: Four of our talented seniors have been named Goldberg Scholars, each receiving a $60,000 scholarship. This prestigious award recognizes their exceptional potential and academic and personal growth commitment.
  • Questbridge Scholars: Seventeen of our Little KIPPsters have been matched through the Questbridge program, securing full four-year scholarships to some of the nation’s top colleges and universities. Their success is a testament to their determination and resilience.
  • Other Notable Scholarships: The Class of 2024 has also earned scholarships from distinguished programs such as Duke Pre-Review, Posse, Gates, and Dell, further highlighting the diverse talents and ambitions of our students.

Our seniors have been accepted to an array of prestigious institutions, including: Penn State University, Brown University, University of Notre Dame, Northwestern University, University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University, and many more.

These acceptances reflect our KIPPsters’ hard work and perseverance, as well as the unwavering support of their families, teachers, and the entire KIPP Texas community.

As we celebrate these remarkable achievements, we are reminded of the bright futures that lie ahead for the Class of 2024. Their success is a powerful example of what can be accomplished with dedication, support, and a commitment to excellence.

We also want to congratulate the graduates who have chosen to serve our country by joining the military or entering the workforce. Your commitment and bravery are commendable, and we are proud of the diverse paths you have chosen to pursue.

We are incredibly proud of each and every one of our seniors and look forward to seeing all the amazing things they will accomplish in the future. Congratulations, Class of 2024! Your journey is just beginning, and we are excited to see where it takes you.

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