Health & Safety

The safety of our Little and Big KIPPsters remains a top priority for KIPP Texas Public Schools. This page is a one-stop-shop for health and safety-related information for the 2022-23 school year.

Health Information

KIPP Texas Health Services support students and families by managing students with chronic health illnesses, providing first aid and emergent care, administering medications, maintaining student health records and immunizations, and performing special procedures. State-mandated screenings for vision, hearing, scoliosis and diabetes risk assessments are performed by the nurse/clinic coordinator to ensure that our students do not have barriers to learning.


Texas State law requires that all children attending school be immunized against various childhood diseases. During registration, a copy of the current updated student’s immunization record is required. The nurse/clinic coordinator will evaluate the student’s immunization record and notify the parent/guardian of any other required immunizations. Our schools are required to abide by the no shots-no school requirements.
See 25 Texas Administrative Code Section 97.63 for a list of required vaccines.

These requirements can be waived only if a properly signed exemption affidavit is signed and submitted to the school. See 25 Texas Administrative Code Section 97.63 for a list of required vaccines.

see Vaccine Requirements

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Medications and Procedures

Students requiring medications or medical procedures during school hours must have a physician’s order signed by the doctor and the parent/guardian. A new physician’s order is required every school year in which the school nurse/clinic coordinator or designee will administer medications to students. Please contact the school nurse/clinic coordinator for support if your child requires medications during school hours.

Students requiring special procedures by a physician’s order during school must contact the nurse/clinic coordinator for support. Examples of special procedures may include tube feedings, urinary catheterizations, and ostomy care.

Physician Request/Authorization for Prescribed Medication

Emergency Medical Treatment

If a student should have a medical emergency at school or at a school-related activity, the school shall use best efforts to seek emergency medical services as appropriate. Parents should keep emergency care information up-to-date (name of doctor, emergency phone numbers, allergies to medications, etc.). Please contact the appropriate school personnel to update any information. If, in the opinion of the campus administrator or school nurse, a life-threatening emergency occurs, EMS will be called.

Health History

Your child’s health history will help the school staff assess any physical conditions which may require adjusting the school program. The health information you record on the Health History form during registration will become a part of your child’s school health record and will remain confidential. If changes need to be made after registration, please contact your child’s school nurse/clinic coordinator.

Health & Safety Guidelines


We have closely monitored the local COVID threat levels across the state and looked to CDC guidance as we plan our COVID protocols for the upcoming school year. Due to recently released Executive Order GA-38 from the Texas Education Agency (TEA), KIPP Texas strongly recommends all Little and Big KIPPsters wear masks in all KIPP buildings and on/off campus KIPP events and school buses, especially when the region is at High COVID-19 Community Level; masks are required* in healthcare areas.

* When masks are required, they must be medical grade masks or doubled-up cloth masks

Visitors and Volunteers on campus (beyond front lobby)

Only scheduled visitors should be allowed to enter campuses. Visitors are not allowed during meal times.  No mass gatherings of visitors may occur on campus at events such as town halls, athletic competitions, recitals, performances, etc.

KIPP Texas strongly recommends all visitors wear masks in all KIPP buildings and on/off campus KIPP events, especially when the region is at a High COVID-19 Community Level; masks are required* in healthcare areas.

* When masks are required, they must be medical grade masks or doubled-up cloth masks


COVID Vaccine

KIPP Texas believes the best way of protecting yourself from COVID-19 and its variants is by getting the vaccine. Although it is not required, we strongly recommend the vaccination for anyone who is eligible.

As of June 17, the FDA has authorized COVID-19 vaccines for kids ages 6 months – 5 years old, and COVID vaccine boosters are now available for children ages 5-11 and ages 12+.

Hand Hygiene

KIPP Texas believes that frequent hand washing and sanitizing are among the best safeguards against COVID-19. We will continue offering hand sanitizing stations across KIPP Texas campuses and buildings and strongly encourage frequent handwashing.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

All spaces will continue to be cleaned daily. High-touch and high-traffic areas will be disinfected with greater frequency. Where positive COVID-19 cases are reported, special deep cleaning protocols will be implemented.

COVID 19 Dashboard

COVID 19 Dashboard

The cases listed include any staff member or student who has been on campus in-person and tested positive for COVID-19. This report does not include any student engaged in remote learning these nine weeks or any staff member who is only working remotely.


We are actively monitoring county and state trends. The CDC and other federal agencies have not released any official guidance for school and district leaders about monkeypox, as children have represented very few cases. 

If you suspect Monkeypox, please contact your child’s school nurse or clinic coordinator and go see a medical provider for external testing. If you or your child have monkeypox, please await clearance from your doctor before returning to school.


At KIPP Texas, we take the responsibility of keeping our KIPPsters safe seriously. In the 2022-2023 school year, we reaffirm our commitment to safety grounded in the following safety promise: to keep our Little and Big KIPPsters as safe as possible using reasonable, recommended, research-backed policies, procedures, and physical safety standards.

Click the button below to view KIPP Texas’ current Safety Response Protocols:

Safety Response Protocols

We have invested in physical safety improvements and retrofitted schools to have the safest lobbies. We have made the following improvements to our safety standards:

  • We will require that classroom doors remain locked during instruction. 
  • We are adding security guards across our regions to support visitor management.
  • We are instituting a perimeter check protocol of three times per day, increasing the state requirement of once a week.

We are doubling down on our existing procedures:


  • All exterior doors/gates will be closed and locked, as building design allows, during the normal course of the school day.


  • Only visitors on verified official business will be allowed beyond the front desk.
  • All visitors, including parents/guardians, must sign in and provide valid photo identification to the front office and must visibly wear a temporary visitor’s badge at all times during their visit.


  • Any visitors without a visible visitor’s badge will be redirected back to the front office to obtain one. Visitors must report back to the front office at the completion of their visit to sign out.


  • Drills are regularly conducted throughout the school year to ensure staff and students are prepared to respond in the event of an emergency. During lockdowns (drills or otherwise), all classroom doors are locked.

Staff Support

  • Staff will immediately report all concerning behavior, including threats and any physical safety concerns to School Leaders or the next available school leadership team member.
  • School leadership and assigned staff members will be present and vigilant during arrival and dismissal times.
  • Staff members monitor all open exterior doors during arrival and dismissal. Doors will not remain propped open without a monitor.

A KIPP Texas student or family can quickly and anonymously report any suspicious activity, bullying, or other student-related issues to a school administrator by submitting an Anonymous Alert report.

Submit an Anonymous Alert

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