DEI Introductory

KIPP Texas Public Schools relentlessly pursues preparing all students for success in college, leadership, and life. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of this pursuit and the DEI Introductory will highlight this work across KIPP Texas.

We conducted an internal equity audit in 2020, which will be shared in the DEI Data Dashboard in the 1st DEI Newsletter coming January 2021. From the audit, we identified these four tactics to help address inequity within KIPP Texas as we strive to be an anti-racist organization.


1. Training and Development

  • Implemented a New to KIPP Texas Centralized Onboarding
  • Established Work Groups focused on training & development charged with all employees at KIPP Texas.
  • Developing resources to support LQGBTQIA+ individuals, combating ableism and Native American erasure.

  2. Progress Monitoring

  • Each region has created an Equity Action Plan with specific measurable goals to roll out across all schools starting this year.
  • Each region has also named individuals to lead this work. A convening of these Regional Equity Leaders will occur once a month to assist in aligning of the regions’ plans and support the consistent prioritization and mobilization of this work.
  • Establish a system for Team & Family to submit bright spots and areas of growth for us in our journey to become an anti-racist organization.
  • T2 will review the DEI Data Dashboard quarterly to consider needed adjustments and areas or strength.
  • Creating a DEI Data Dashboard to transparently share where we are across all DEI metrics at KIPP Texas.

3. Identify and Dismantle Oppressive Systems & Structures

  • Regular Equity Audits conducted across KIPP Texas
  • All KIPP Texas Equity Work Groups: Student Discipline, Equitable Hiring Practices, Communications, Training & Professional Development, and Curriculum are charged with identifying inequitable systems we currently perpetuate and help determine more equitable processes and systems.

4. Build Equitable Systems & Structures

  • This goes hand in hand with #3. Once inequitable practices are identified and dismantled, we need to replace them with more equitable practices, while also establishing equitable practices as we continue to grow as an organization. The work of all of our Work Groups will ensure this is possible, and through their research and recommendations, we hope to make major progress on this journey of being an anti-racist organization.
  • The Communication Work Group will help us ensure this information does not live in a vacuum but is disseminated through our organization, across all regions, and experienced by every Little & Big KIPPster.
  • Employee Resource/Affinity Groups are established throughout the organization and we will continue to highlight and support their work.
  • Social-Emotional Learning curriculum and resources will be explored in the Curriculum Work Group and is called out as a focus in many of the Regional Equity Action Plans.

For more information contact Chelsey Freeman Williams or KIPP For Justice.