Leading for DEI

KIPP Texas Public Schools relentlessly pursues preparing all students for success in college, leadership, and life. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of this pursuit and the DEI Introductory will highlight this work across KIPP Texas.


In order to promote diversity, equity and inclusion across KIPP Texas Public Schools, we have taken a bold stand and made commitments to every KIPPster. Below are the top priorities and strategies for advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in alignment with our 2025 goals that KIPP Texas Public Schools commits to:


 1. Disrupt Systems of Inequalities

  • We commit to dismantling internal systems of oppression by developing anti-racist policies, continuous revision of current practices, and the creation of systems and structures to advance our core values.
    • Requiring equitable hiring practices, policies, and procedures in all roles.
    • Mandatory DEI differentiated hiring training. Continue to pipeline funnel analysis and create an action plan from the data.
    • Talent branding – partnerships to source more diverse candidates. Create and implement a diverse sourcing strategy for next year.
    • Examine our internal and external promotion policy to ensure transparency and free of inequalities. Formally and publicly communicate promotion policy.

  2. Anti-racist Leadership Development

  • We commit to creating the necessary conditions for the people who ”are” here and “need” to be here to thrive, with the expectation of doing the necessary self-work in our pursuit of equity.
    • Implementing mandatory on-going diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) learning for all Big KIPPsters.
    • DEI Learning Scope and Sequence for all of KIPP Texas.
    • Launch DEI Ambassador Program to support ongoing DEI Learning across the organization.
    • Encourage and promote the development of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and specifically Affinity Groups (AGs) through quarterly professional development and ongoing support.
    • Promote the ERGs in New to KIPP communications and in the first communications of the year for people to get connected.

 3. Belonging, Academically and Excellent Schools

  • We commit to fostering brave and belonging spaces for Little KIPPsters with culturally responsive and affirming educators delivering a rigorous academic experience.
    • Auditing our curriculum to ensure the curriculum and our instructional practices are aligned with our DEI initiatives.
      • Curriculum equity audit to recommend specific changes to the KIPP Texas curriculum. Replicate process as needed.
    • Examining discipline practices in schools and disrupting inequitable practices.
      • Discipline audit to better understand current discipline practices across all schools. Align on what equitable discipline practices are and make recommendations to implement across KIPP Texas.

 4.  Operational Excellence & Engaged Communities

  • We commit to redistributing power and access in our decision-making processes by centering the voices and perspectives of marginalized members of our organization and community, not solely the majority’s comfort.
    • Leverage findings of the KTX equity audit by elevating and using the data to drive org-wide changes
      • Use the KTX SSP action planning process with the DEI Dashboard & Index to action plan for individual regional needs.
      • Track promotion, bonuses, and pay by race & ethnicity and gender identity to ensure equitable outcomes.
    • Build into performance engagement process (PEP) clearer, more actionable strands of DEI that connect to our org-wide commitment to DEI & anti-racism. Provide development opportunities for leaders to self-direct their learning.
    • Position all schools in stable, long-term facilities
    • Cultivate vendor diversity

For more information, contact DEI@KIPPTexas.org.