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KIPP Texas’ Principal in Residence Program is a highly selective residency designed to prepare high-performing, aspiring principals to be successful school leaders in the future. All participants are full-time, paid members of the school leadership team with daily opportunities to practice the skills and competencies required to lead high-achieving schools within the safety net of those who are proven.

Standard Program: A two-year residency that is supplemented by direct oversight of a Mentor School Leader and leadership placement upon completion.

Accelerated Program: A one-year, fast-track program designed to prepare you to be the successor at your placement school or the founder of a new school..

KIPP Texas Public Schools Principal in Residence Overview


Residents are exposed to excellent school design and provided with a Mentor School Leader who serves as their model and coach for strong leadership.

Development Roadmap & Performance Assessments

Each resident has a development plan that is mapped to critical School Leadership skills. Residents are frequently observed in school and must pass approximately 40 performance assessments each year aligned to these skills to demonstrate school leader readiness.


Residents receive ongoing coaching against the development plan from two on-the-ground mentors: the Mentor School Leader and the Director of Leadership Development.

Formal Professional Development

Residents receive formal professional development aligned to the Development Roadmap and which targets specific individual developmental opportunities.

Readiness Checkpoints

Quarterly evaluation checkpoints provide an opportunity for the resident, the Mentor School Leader, Director of Leadership Development, and other regional stakeholders, to reflect on the Resident’s progress towards School Leader Readiness.

Transition/Launch Planning

Residents receive supported planning throughout the process to step into the School Leader seat as a Successor or Founding school leader.



KIPP Texas is looking for proven instructional leaders ready for the next step in their development and a catapult into school leadership.

  • A strong candidate for Principal-in-Residence is someone who is currently:
    • Assistant Principal
    • Instructional Coach
    • Achievement Specialist
    • Other roles responsible for teacher development and performance enhancement
  • Ability to show evidence of driving academic achievement
  • A desire to be a Principal in 1 to 2 years

During the interview process, all Principal in Residency candidates will be assessed using KIPP’s School Leadership Readiness Criteria. Eight research-based activities of highly-effective school leaders will be reviewed to prioritize experience, skills and competencies.




Latasha Henry

Latasha Henry | KIPP Destiny Elementary, Dallas

Latasha is a PIR Y2 who is preparing to become a School Leader in 2021-2022.

"It is a privilege to be in the PIR program because I have developed from a novice leader to an experienced leader within the past five months. I understand the skills and competencies I need to be an effective leader and I am able to apply them to my daily work. I am learning about what it takes to produce a high quality school. I am grateful for being a part of such talented leaders. The PIR program has taught me about the "how" and "what" it takes to run an effective school. It's helped me shape my identity as a leader and provided me with the tools and resources to make an impact for my staff, students and community. The knowledge I have gained will have a lasting impression on the kind of leader I would like to become."

Andrew Diaz

Andrew Diaz | KIPP Poder Middle School, San Antonio

1st Sentence: Andrew is a PIR Y1 who is working towards leading a school in 2022-2023

"PIR has really helped put my ‘Why’ for doing this work into action. I am really passionate about coaching teachers and helping them to develop. Seeing people grow and impact our students in such a positive way is very fulfilling! The PIR program is pushing me to develop and work out leadership muscles I didn't know I had or needed to have. In doing so, I feel my capacity as a leader has significantly increased as well."

Application Process & Deadlines


Submit a formal application including resume and cover letter highlighting qualifications and the interest in the Principal in Residency Program.


Applicants meeting qualifications will be scheduled for a 45 minute call to obtain additional details. Those chosen to move forward will be asked to submit References and assigned pre-work tasks.


Required submission of 3 – 5 professional references, preferably your most recent supervisor and others highly familiar with your success.

Final Day Interview

Final interviews will include panel discussions with School Leaders from across Texas, members of the development team, and the Head of Schools for the region you are applying for.

Successful candidates will be offered a position and are expected to start Spring 2023

Unmatched Support for All Participants

School Residency
As a member of the school leadership team, a Resident’s campus placement is a key component of the program. Mentor School Leaders are proven, results-driven high performers focused on providing mentorship aligned to your personal development. In fact, they are receiving their own course of professional development to best grow your leadership skills.

Individualized one-on-one coaching is focused on the Resident’s development. The Resident and their coach will work together to build self-awareness and how to apply adaptive skills to build a foundation for success. Through coaching, Residents will solidify their personal style and work to uncover their own solutions to the challenges associated with being an inspirational leader.

Professional Development
In addition to direct support, Principals-in-Residence are surrounded by others that understand this journey better than anyone else. The cohort of residents come together for quarterly multi-day retreats that afford residents the opportunity to build community with participants across Texas. In addition to the sessions aligned to building skills along the development roadmap, residents will be given the opportunity to trade success stories, challenges and innovative ideas. Many sessions will be led by KIPP Texas and KIPP Foundation leaders, giving residents the unique opportunity to engage and learn from their 100+ years of collective wisdom and experience.