How to Re-Enroll Using SchoolMint

How Do Parents and Guardians Re-Enroll Their Children Using SchoolMint?

A step-by-step guide is available below, or go here to watch a video walkthrough. Click here (Spanish Version) to download a printable version of this guide.


Log into your SchoolMint account with your User ID and Password.

Click Ready, Set, Go.



A Welcome page opens.


Under the Student Dashboard, click Returning.


A Confirmation window opens.


Click Yes, Returning. A message reading ‘The student has been successfully updated’ appears.


Under the Student Dashboard, click Re-enroll.


The Student Information Re-enrollment page opens. Verify and complete all required fields on this page.


Click Save and Continue.                                                                


You are returned to the Re-Enrollment page. Click Continue.



The Confirm Address window opens in Google maps. Click Confirm.


You are returned to the Student Re-enrollment page.

There are several documents, highlighted in green.

Open each green document individually.

Verify and/or complete all required fields in each green document.

At the end of each document, click Save and Continue.

Note: For Family Information 23-24 and Demographics (Re-Enrollment) 23-24, you must upload documents, i.e., Proof-of-Address & Current Parent Identification.

Click on the document.

Review and complete all required fields.  



Select the appropriate document. Click Open.

To validate your upload was successful, scroll to the Upload field again.

If View appears, this is confirmation your document was uploaded successfully. To read the document, click View.

At the end of each section, click Save and Continue.



After verifying and completing the required fields in all green documents…



Click Submit Forms.

Video Walkthrough