KIPP Texas - Houston

KIPP Mosaic Academy School

Grades Served
Grades Served 2023-24 SY 5-9
Founded 2020
Teachers 23
Students 418

KIPP Mosaic Academy is one half of KIPP Texas Houston’s next 1:1 (one primary school to one secondary school) feeder pattern, and it provides a path for our KIPPsters who, once fully grown, will begin their journey in pre-K-3 and continue through 12th grade, attending only two schools on one campus.

At KIPP Mosaic Academy, we are driven by a deep love and understanding of our roots and individuality and, like a mosaic, we are connected through the power of community and solidarity. As life-long learners, we explore our hearts and minds to ignite the social, emotional and academic core values our community beautifully exudes. By embracing our personal and collective narrative, we rise together to challenge and dismantle the status quo to build a more just tomorrow for ourselves, our community, and our world.

Mia Walker

Interim School Leader

Mia Walker has enjoyed ten years as a classroom teacher and four years as an Assistant Principal. In 2008 after graduating from Oakland University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Political Science, she joined AmeriCorps as a New York City Teaching Fellow in the Bronx to pursue her dream of teaching. During this time, she also received her Master's Degree in Education with an emphasis on Teaching Students with Disabilities from The City College of New York. In 2014, she joined KIPP, where she began working as a Learning Specialist and later her dream role as lead ELA Teacher for 7th grade, where she utilized those long-developed skills of differentiation, inclusion, and individualized curriculum.

Having experienced success in the classroom, Mia embraced leadership as an ELA Department Chair and Resident Advisor for Relay. During that experience, she realized she desired to grow her reach to support teachers and student achievement. Through KIPP School Leadership Program participation, including two years as a Principal-in-Residence, Mia has developed the skills and competencies to take on school leadership and is excited to achieve school-wide success at KIPP Mosaic Academy.

Mia energizes by reading fiction and enjoying the outdoors biking, camping, or hiking with her wonderful husband and energetic three children.

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