The Importance of Attending School Every Day

Did you know that an estimated 5 million to 7.5 million U.S. students miss nearly a month of school each year, putting them at a higher risk of failing core subjects, dropping out, or not graduating from high school? 

At KIPP Texas Public Schools, we believe that the the first step to prepare our Little KIPPsters for success in college, career and beyond is through attending school every day. September is Attendance Awareness Month, and here are the top three reasons why attending school every day is important.

When students do not miss school often, their grades and reading skills continually improve—even among those struggling in school. Students who are not in school miss out on what is being taught. When absences become a pattern or chronic issue, students can fall behind and experience academic struggles with lower academic performance as well as experience challenges beyond the classroom.  

Teachers and administrators can consistently provide high-quality learning and character development when parents/guardians/families ensure students attend school each day. KIPP Texas partners with each family to see every student reach their full potential, including assisting families with situations that may prevent students from attending school daily. If you are a KIPP Texas family that needs support, please reach out to your school for more information. 

Students who frequently attend school feel more connected to their community and develop strong social skills and friendships, which are important life skills. A positive school climate improves academic achievement. By promoting a positive climate, schools can allow greater equality in educational opportunities, decrease socioeconomic inequalities, and enable more social mobility. 

We know that every now and then, students will be absent from school. However, we ask that parents and students make every effort to attend school daily. Should your student miss school, parents/guardians should call the school before the start of the day to let the school know your student will be absent. We are committed to engaging students and families in positive ways, understanding their unique needs, and providing solutions to any challenges.

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