Tips to Help Prevent Summer Slide

The school year may be over, but we know that learning never ends. We encourage  our Little KIPPsters to remain scholastically sharp by engaging in summer reading. Not only is it fun, but data shows that students who read during summer vacation are more likely to score higher on tests once school resumes in August. 

To prevent the “Summer Slide”—the tendency for children to lose some of the academic gains they made during the previous school year—here are some suggested tips to encourage your Little KIPPster to keep learning during their break.

Set Goals

Work with your child to set realistic goals this summer. Whether it’s reading a book a week, trying to read 30 minutes every day, or incorporating math or science in everyday activities, do your best to make learning a priority. 

Pro-tip: Set up a reward system so you can celebrate together once they meet their goals!

Read Every Day

Kids can engage with words every moment of the day. Find time every day to read, either together or separately, and then discuss what you like about your book to help develop a love for reading. To make sure you choose the right books, have your child test read a few pages before buying it or checking it out at the library. If your child is reading a book that is too easy, they will get bored. If the book is too challenging, they will get frustrated! Help find a book that’s just right! Learn more about your child’s reading level here, or ask your local librarian! 

Tips for Success:

Complete at least one 20-minute learning session each day and keep a reading log. 

Allow your child to take charge of their learning. KIPPsters can choose which learning platform and activities they want to complete!


Make Learning Fun

Learning opportunities are everywhere and there are so many ways to make learning fun this summer. Kids can read cereal boxes, menus, recipes and signs as they go about their summer activities. You can play a game in the car where your child reads all the words they can see to help them practice their reading skills and grow their vocabulary.  You can also practice math skills when dining out or shopping at stores by having your child be responsible for paying and counting the change. 


Take Field Trips

Consider taking field trips this summer to create opportunities for learning. You can go to sporting events to discuss the strategy and rules of the game or visit museums and talk about your kids’ favorite parts of the exhibits.


Thinkery Children’s Museum

Thinkery offers 40,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor activities designed to let children and families can learn through play. 

1830 Simond Avenue

Austin, TX 78723


Pioneer Farms

At Pioneer Farms, families can travel back in time and experience Texas history first-hand while exploring over 90 acres of land and discovering memorable ways to live Texas’ colorful past through the farm’s unique history programs.

10621 Pioneer Farms Drive

Austin, TX 78754

512- 837-1215



Perot Museum of Nature and Science

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science offers exhibits, an iMax theater, a planetarium, and innovative educational programs that help broaden our understanding of the world. 

2201 N Field Street

Dallas, TX 75201

214 428-5555 

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History engages the community through creative, vibrant programs and exhibits interpreting science and the stories of Texas and the Southwest.

1600 Gendy Street

 Fort Worth, TX 76107

 817- 255-9300



Children’s Museum of Houston

At Children’s Museum of Houston, children can learn through hands-on exhibits in the areas of science and technology, history and culture, health and human development, and the arts. 

1500 Binz Street

 Houston TX 77004

 713- 522-1138

The Health Museum

The Health Museum inspires passion and curiosity in health, the medical sciences and the human body.   The interactive science learning center has a pavilion that includes giant models of human organs and dozens of hands-on exhibits and science stations. 

1515 Hermann Drive

Houston, TX 77004

713- 942-7054


San Antonio

The DoSeum 

This children’s museum is inspired by the power of play and the experiences in their exhibits are fueled by hands-on learning. 

2800 Broadway San Antonio, Texas 78209 



Witte Museum

Witte Museum offers exhibitions, programs, and collections that connect the past, the present, and future through a dynamic learning environment. 

3801 Broadway Street

San Antonio, TX 78209 

210- 357-1900


Go to the Library

One of the field trips you take can be to your local library to give your child an opportunity to browse and select books they’re interested in. Don’t hesitate to check out a cool book for yourself because if you make reading a priority, your child will, too! 

Libraries often have great summer programs and they are usually free! Learn more about the library programming in your city at:



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