Academic Recovery

Dear KIPP Texas Families,

As I write this week’s note, I am grateful for the resilience that many members of our KIPP Texas community exuded while managing the challenges and subsequent aftermath caused by Tropical Storm Nicholas. Thank you, families, for rallying around each other as some faced power outages and other adversities. I hope our families have fully recovered, and for those who have not, we continue to extend our support and love. 

As we rebound from Nicholas, our focus is back on Academic Recovery. We know one of the keys to continued success for our KIPPsters is attendance. We want to see our Little KIPPsters every day! While we know KIPPsters are staying home when they are sick, which is the right thing to do, we are also offering a KIPP Remote Learning Academy for any students in quarantine; and attendance is expected there, too! Attendance will allow us to fulfill our commitment to you, to see our Academy Recovery Efforts come to fruition, and ensure our Little KIPPsters benefit from our joyful, academically excellent learning spaces. Unless your child is ill, we expect to see your Little KIPPster in-person or online, attending the KIPP Remote Learning Academy while they are in quarantine, so we can maximize their joy and learning. 


Skyward Family Access Coming September 27!

KIPP Texas now has the Skyward Family Access available for parents and guardians to access grades, attendance information, class schedules, and more! Families, please be on the lookout next Monday, September 27, for an email with your Skyward Family Access login information. To access your account, you must have an email address on file in Skyward. Only one parent/guardian will have access during this initial rollout. If you do not have an email address on file or would like a second parent/guardian to have Skyward Family Access, please contact your school office. For full access details, click here


This week we are continuing our celebration of Hispanic / Latine Heritage Month. Hispanic Heritage Month exists to recognize the achievements and contributions of Hispanic American champions to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States. Across KIPP Texas, we have thousands of Hispanic/ Latine Big and Little KIPPsters who are contributing to our world becoming a more just one each and every day. It is wonderful to see schools such as KIPP Alegria Primary School, KIPP Connect, KIPP Oak Cliff Academy, KIPP Paseo, and others publicly celebrate the month with activities that make learning engaging, memorable, and unique. Thank you for creating brave and belonging spaces for our KIPPsters to celebrate themselves, their beautiful heritages, and one another.



Vandalism TikTok Trend

Lastly, there have been national and local stories about one of the latest TikTok trends encouraging vandalism. This TikTok craze is known as hitting a “devious lick.” Across the nation, students participating in this awful trend are showing off their work, stealing items such as light poles and bathroom sinks, or damaging property such as bathroom mirrors. We have already experienced damage on some of our campuses of upwards of $10,000 as a result. 

KIPP Texas strongly discourages any engagement with this trend, including sharing posts or, worse, participating. Students who are discovered to be associated with any act of vandalism will be charged for the damage they cause and experience disciplinary action in line with our student code of conduct. Please advise your students that should they be tempted to participate, there will be disciplinary action.

With gratitude,

sehba Ali

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