KIPP Texas is working to ensure our language, our lessons, and our schools reflect the rich histories of our communities

Dear KIPP Texas Families,

Last week, we held our first public Culture Connections event, Latinx Views, celebrating our Latinx staff and hearing their stories. It was a heart-filled opportunity to hear our staff share their stories, experiences, successes, and challenges with love, authenticity, and courage. This virtual event was the first in a series exploring the beautiful intersectionality of our diverse identities at KIPP Texas, while also bringing awareness to issues our communities face, building empathy, and fostering connections. I hope you attend our next Cultural Connections! We’ll be sending out an invitation once we have the date and time locked in.

Throughout the year, we have highlighted many observances: Latinx Heritage Month, Indigenous People’s Day, Transgender Awareness Week, days of the Election and Inauguration, MLK Day, Holocaust Remembrance Week (last week), and now Black History Month. I want to take this opportunity to hone in on why we will continue to call out these important times of the year: representation matters. When our language, our lessons, and our schools reflect the rich histories of our communities, we are saying at KIPP Texas, we see you, we hear you, and you matter. While one week or one month is certainly not enough to celebrate these rich histories, it is an important time to focus on, learn about, and celebrate our communities and each other.

This month, as we celebrate Black History Month, I invite you to join our Team and Family in many celebrations. Together, let’s commit to learning about Black history, the powerful Black leaders in our communities, and the incredible Black members of our Team & Family. 

Please take a look at the the important updates below:


Method of Learning Survey – Feb. 1 – 8

Earlier today, you received the Method of Learning survey for the school year’s fourth quarter. The deadline to complete the survey is February 8. As you know, this survey is your opportunity to select your child’s method of learning for the last instructional cycle of the school year.

Here are the two options (unchanged from previous surveys):

  • Option 1: 100% online learning, five-days-a week. This would continue virtual learning for students for the fourth nine week instructional cycle if parents opt into this method.
  • Option 2: 100% in-person learning five-days-a-week in a classroom in a school building on our campus. 

Families who do not make a choice for their KIPPster’s method of learning by February 8 will remain in the current (third nine-week instructional cycle) method of learning choice for the upcoming instructional cycle. Also, if we don’t receive your response by the deadline, we cannot guarantee bus transportation.

Re-Enrollment – Deadline has been extended until Feb. 19

I want to let you know that the deadline for the KIPPster Re-Enrollment process for the 2021-2022 school year has been extended until 9 pm on February 19. In order to let us know that you’ll continue your KIPPster’s educational journey with us, please log on to SchoolMint. All current KIPP families should have received an email on January 11, via SchoolMint, to notify how to log on and start the process.

Please do not create a new SchoolMint account. Your username will be provided in the SchoolMint email, or you may contact your school for login support.

For all families with KIPPsters currently in Pre-K4 through 11 grade, the Re-Enrollment forms need to be completed by February 19 at 9 pm. For students currently in Pre-K3, the forms will be available from April 1 – April 23, due to TEA guidelines. 

For more information on the re-enrollment process, please visit to see our frequently asked questions.

We can’t wait to have your KIPPster back at KIPP again next year!

With gratitude,

Sehba Ali

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