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KIPP Texas Bonfire Hub Portal

Beginning February 2, 2024, KIPP Texas will be utilizing Bonfire, an online E-bidding and
procurement software platform, for vendor registration, solicitation notification and
electronic bid submission. The vendor registration portal will open on February 2, 2024
allowing vendors to register for bid alerts.
Note that vendors who are not registered with Bonfire will not be notified of KIPP Texas
solicitations and will not be able to access solicitations until registration is complete.
Therefore, we strongly encourage all current and potential vendors interested in
responding to a solicitation to promptly register on our E-bidding platform, Bonfire.
Following your registration, KIPP Texas will issue email alerts via Bonfire for
solicitations related to the product or service commodities you selected during

  • Registration: To register and use the Bonfire bidding portal, please visit  here.
  • Bonfire Vendor Support: If you need assistance with registration, consider
    watching Bonfire’s five-minute instructional video for guidance on how to start
    the registration process. For any support needs related to using the Bonfire
    platform, you can access the Vendor Help Center, look through the FAQ, or reach
    out to the Bonfire support team at or call

Registration does not guarantee KIPP Texas approved vendor status. It merely
provides us with information to electronically notify you when a new solicitation is open
for the products or services you offer and have selected during registration.

Request for Quotations 2324-001 Copier Equipment Leasing and Related Services
RFP 2324-001  E-Rate Category 2 Equipment and Installation
RFQ PM2023A Construction Project Management Services
RFP 003-22 Food Service Management Services-Dallas
RFP 005-22 Food Service Management Services-San Antonio
RFP 006-22 Food Service Management Services-Houston
RFP 004-22  E-Rate Category 2 – Equipment and Installation
RFQ KTXG-085(00548): KIPP West Secondary School CMAR Solicitation
RFP 002-22 School Transportation Services
RFP 007-22 Night Cleaning Services
RFP 008-22 Security Services-Cancelled
RFP 008-22A Security Services

Thank you for your interest in working with KIPP Texas, Inc. which includes KIPP – Austin, KIPP – Dallas, KIPP – Houston and KIPP – San Antonio. You can find additional information regarding our mission here. Please see above for current opportunities.

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