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CTE Non-Discrimination

KIPP Texas Public Schools offers career and technology education courses. It is the policy of KIPP Texas Public Schools not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or handicap in its vocational programs, services or activities as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.

Dyslexia Handbook 

The Dyslexia Handbook contains guidelines for school districts to follow as they identify and provide services for students with dyslexia. In addition, information regarding the state’s dyslexia statutes and their relation to various federal laws is included. See links below:

Dyslexia Handbook 2021

Appendix A  – Dyslexia Handbook FAQ

The Dyslexia Handbook 2021 Update: Important Changes for Families to Understand (English)

The Dyslexia Handbook 2021 Update: Important Changes for Families to Understand (Spanish)

Notice for Accelerated Testing Window

KIPP Texas is providing notice and opportunity for any student, upon parent request, to test for grade level acceleration in K-8 and advancement in high school courses. The KIPP Texas testing window has been set for the first week of summer break, for all KIPP Texas cities.  Interested parents must notify their child’s School Leader in writing requesting advancement through testing on or before April 29, 2024.  The School Leader, along with a committee of grade level teachers, will review available data as well as social-emotional readiness for a possible grade shift.  Recommended data may include most recent MAP results at 90% or better and most recent STAAR results at mastery levels of achievement. K-8 students must take tests in all four core academic areas. Requesting high school students must take both semesters of the high school course. Each test is designed to take from 2-3 hours to complete (and may include additional components needed at the time of testing per credit by exam requirement) and must be proctored by a school designee. In order to meet acceleration criteria, students must score at least 80% on each test.  Student schedules will remain with existing cohort until results indicate change is warranted.  Schools will place and pay for exam orders through Texas Tech University’s district order site and parents may access review sheets from the Texas Tech Credit by Exam site as well.  After students complete the test, the school will mail booklets back to TTU and await written results.  Parents will be notified upon receipt official scores and the student’s schedule for the upcoming fall finalized per results.  Parents will be provided a copy of test results and the school will place file copies in the student’s cumulative folder and notify PEIMS of any grade change.

Notice of Procedural Safeguards

Resources on Special Education in Texas

Transition and Employment Guide

The Texas Transition and Employment Guide provides youth, young adults, parents and professionals with secondary transition resources to facilitate a young person’s progress towards post-secondary goals to education, employment, and community living.

Click here for the English Guide. Click here for the Spanish Guide.

SB139 Notice to Families



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