KIPP Texas - Houston

KIPP Houston High School

Grades Served
Grades Served 2022-23 SY 9-12
Founded 2004
Teachers 37
Students 673

Founded in 2004, KIPP Houston High School (KHHS) is KIPP’s first college-preparatory high school in the United States and a 2014 National Blue Ribbon School. At KHHS, we believe that joy should be fundamentally woven into every aspect of the school’s fabric. We encourage and nurture our students to act as leaders by following our school’s values. KHHS is a place where a close-knit staff, infused with the power to lead, provides a college-preparatory experience that empowers students with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets to go to and through college.

Jasmeen Kohli

School Leader

My vision is to create a remarkable educational environment where each and every student is not only actively engaged in learning but is rigorously and diligently guided so they become college-ready, life ready, and future-ready. This is my 6th year as a high school principal, and 12th year in the K-12 education. My educational background includes being majored in Math along with successfully achieving double Master’s Degree in Management and Educational Administration, which compliments the vision and helps me guide our campus to reaching the ultimate goal of seeing our students succeed with joy. As learning is a lifelong process, I am currently pursuing certification in school management from Harvard University so I can continue to learn to support our campus. It’s my belief that the school-parent-student is a triad that needs to harmoniously work together towards one mission- the prosperity of our kids! I believe in my students, I care for them, and I trust them. I know that OUR kids can achieve anything they put their hearts, minds, and souls into.

Always Proud of my students!

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