This women’s history month, we look at an-all girls’ robotics team at KIPP High School

AUSTIN, Texas — Since the program started in 2019, KIPP High School has seen their all-girls robotics team double in size. Students in the program called the “Steminists” say an all-girls team is a key reason they feel like they can accomplish whatever they set their minds to.

“Having a community of girls that are determined and feel empowered to go to competitions, where most of them are male, it can be intimidating but it’s inspiring to see how we can overcome that obstacle,” said senior student and Steminists manager Ximena Martinez.

The goal of this program is to make sure girls feel like they can learn anything they want.

“I really believe that women are the future and I really think that our kids, having the opportunity in their hands, and being able to see that they can and are capable and belong is really important to me,” said George Ramirez, assistant principal for science, technology and engineering.

Principal Janice Lopez said the program is personally important to her due to the struggles she faced as a biochemistry major in college, and one of the only females.

“As a minority female leader, I encountered a lot of hurdles when I went to the university because I didn’t feel equipped or prepared to be able to lead or take those types of classes,” said Lopez.

To all the naysayers, Martinez has a message: “Although we may be small, or to other people’s eyes, we’re very strong and mighty, and very capable.”

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