Five Reasons Families Love KIPP Texas

How do I love thee, KIPP Texas? Let me count the ways!

1. A Strong Academic Foundation

KIPP Texas cultivates a love for learning at all levels by making school fun, challenging, and exciting. By staying at KIPP Texas, Little KIPPsters receive an aligned curriculum that supports their academic growth every year, and they nurture friendships which makes life sweet! 


2. Athletics and Extracurriculars

Starting in middle school, thousands of our students play competitive sports such as XYZ, and thousands more explore their interests through a wide array of extracurriculars. We strive to develop well-rounded students who are committed to relentlessly pursuing the best version of themselves. 


3. KIPP Forward

Our KIPP Forward program truly sets us apart. As part of our program, high school and career counselors work with every Little KIPPster beginning in the 11th grade to prepare them for the educational and career path that fits their goals and sense of purpose beginning. Once they graduate high school, KIPP Forward counselors help alumni keep moving forward while pursuing their dreams.

Learn more about KIPP Forward and commit to persist with us throughout high school and beyond. 


4. Social-Emotional Learning

Character is important, and at KIPP Texas, students foster the social and emotional skills essential for their success and well-being. Beginning in kindergarten, KIPPsters learn the skills necessary to form deep, supportive, lasting relationships with peers, teachers, families, and the community. 


5. Special Education Program

Access equals equity at KIPP Texas. We tailor our special education programs to meet each student’s needs, because we believe that every student, regardless of disability or other exceptionality, deserves a path to success. 

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