Five Ways to Avoid the “Summer Slide”

The school year may be over, but we know that learning never ends. We encourage  our Little KIPPsters to remain scholastically sharp by engaging in summer reading. Not only is it fun, but data shows that students who read during summer vacation are more likely to score higher on tests once school resumes in August. 

To avoid the “Summer Slide”—the tendency for children to lose some of the academic gains they made during the previous school year—here are some suggested tips to encourage your Little KIPPster to turn the pages during their break.

Choose the Right Books

If your child is reading a book that is too easy, they will get bored. If the book is too challenging, they will get frustrated! Help find a book that’s just right! Learn more about your child’s reading level here, or ask your local librarian!

Set Goals

Work with your child to set realistic goals. Maybe it’s reading a book a week, or maybe it’s trying to read 30 minutes every day. Pro-tip: Set up a reward system so you can celebrate together once they meet their goals!

Make it fun!

Play a game in the car where your student reads everything they can see! Have your child lead storytime with a younger sibling! Have a reading picnic in your yard!

Go to the Library

Libraries often have great summer programs, and they are usually free! Learn more about programs in your city at:

Read Every Day

If you make reading a priority, your child will, too! Find time every day to read, either together or separately, and then discuss what you like about your book!

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