Four Ways You Can Celebrate Black History Month Year-Round

We’re close to the end of Black History Month, but that doesn’t mean the learning has to end! Here are some ideas for what you can do before Black History Month, 2023 begins:


Read and learn from books that highlight the obstacles and systems that Black Americans have navigated in their unique American journey. Read from the biographies of Black leaders, thinkers, and citizens who helped shape America’s path. Read fiction and poetry by Black writers, and utilize your purchasing power to support Black-owned bookstores and literature!

Support Black-owned Businesses! 

Boost entrepreneurship and help close the wealth gap by supporting Black-owned businesses in your city!

Dallas Black-owned businesses

Austin Black-owned businesses

Houston Black-owned businesses

San Antonio Black-owned businesses

Support Nonprofits!

Consider supporting an organization that works to promote Black health, education, rights, and community development. Use the navigator below to find high-rated charities.

.Charity Navigator

Learn More About Your City’s History!

Black History didn’t just happen in places like Montgomery, Tulsa, and Harpers Ferry. It also happened in your backyard. Learn more about your city at these local museums.


Museum of African American Culture

Buffalo Soldier Museum

Dallas/Ft Worth:

African American Museum


George Washington Carver Museum, Cultural and Genealogy Center

Texas State Cemetery 

San Antonio:

San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum


How do you plan to continue celebrating Black History Month? We’d love to hear! Send your ideas to

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