Happy Operations Appreciation Week from KIPP Texas!

KIPP Texas Public Schools is excited to celebrate Operations Appreciation Week May 15-19, honoring the Big KIPPsters on our Operations team who handle the logistics that support teaching and learning so our schools and offices can thrive.

We’re excited to share some of the accomplishments from our Operations team from the 2022-2023 school year. 


This year we focused on student safety with closed doors during instruction and completion of safety audits at all schools. We’re happy to report that nearly 100% of our monthly safety drills were held and tracked with fidelity to ensure KIPP Texas campuses are safe and prepared.


We’re looking forward to our KIPPsters returning to KIPP Texas Public Schools for the 2023-2024 school year. We have exceeded our re-enrollment by 2,930 students.

Customer Service

School Operations teams have prioritized customer service to ensure that the partnerships with our families and communities are supporting our cultivation of joyful, academically excellent schools.  Our School Operations team has participated in monthly customer service training sessions to reflect and improve our practices to ensure families and KIPPsters have an exemplary experience each time we engage with them. 

Schoolwide Systems

Our arrival and dismissal procedures are so much more efficient and joyful with the majority of dismissals meeting the goal of being complete within 25 minutes after the last bell.

Child Nutrition

KIPP Texas has served over 34,000 Little KIPPsters this school year and as of this week, the Child Nutrition department has served them over 4.3 million meals. 


The KIPP Texas Public Schools Student Transportation Department is dedicated to providing free, safe, and reliable transportation to all of our students, ensuring they have access to the high-quality education they deserve. Our bus drivers and transportation department are essential members of the KIPP Texas Team & Family. Every year, they drive KIPPsters more than 1.5 million miles annually!

None of the work above would be possible without our operation team, so we spoke with Angelica Bueno Jaimes, the Front of House Supervisor for Child Nutrition at KIPP Texas-Austin and Andrea Newman-Caro, Assistant Principal of Operations at KIPP Somos to learn more about the work they do to support operations each day. 

Andrea Juan

As the APO, I do a number of tasks that are not related to academics. For example, in the morning I greet students and play music for a joyful start which is one of my favorite parts of the day. I also handle attendance – I love when students and families talk to me about students not wanting to be absent! I plan fun events for students, families, and staff, handle safety and security, and so much more.

Andrea Newman-Caro, Assistant Principal of Operations at KIPP Somos. 

KIPP teacher smiling

“Operation on a daily basis for me is creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere for all students and staff that visit our cafeteria. I train and supervise my staff to make sure they are serving each student with a smile and service that is exemplified. I also make sure that our site area is facilitated and that we are in compliance with health standards and any other state city standards along with local KIPP Texas standards. I make sure our meal service is ready and set up to be able to serve all students ranging from PK to 8th grade. The most important part of my job is making sure that each employee, including myself, knows how to identify a reimbursable tray so that we uphold our program with the utmost integrity.”

Angelica Bueno Jaimes, Front of House Supervisor for Child Nutrition at KIPP Texas-Austin

We are so grateful for how our talented Operations team shows up every day to support our Little KIPPsters. We could not run our current schools or open new ones, safely handle the needs of our Team & Family and communities without them. We invite you to share in the celebration by following our Facebook and Instagram posts.

We have positions available if you are interested in joining the Operations team at KIPP Texas Public Schools! Please visit our careers page here for more information and to apply today!

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