KIPP Nexus is Dedicated to Academic and Character Development

You feel it the moment you walk in the doors. A sense of warmth, of joy, of community. There is an energy to KIPP Nexus Primary and Middle Schools that is infectious. “KIPP is just different from other schools, and when I stop to think about it, I can’t help but get a little emotional talking about our community,” says PE teacher Shayla Pellerin. “All of my students are like my own children, and everyone here takes such pride in watching our kids grow and succeed.”


The team at KIPP Nexus is committed to the academic and character development of each and every student, and because it is a small community, no student gets lost in a crowd. “We value identity, and we know that no two children are alike,” Assistant Principal Joel Larpenteur says. “Every child is a unique individual who needs to be celebrated, and every day we push ourselves, and our students, to show up as their most authentic selves.”


Through a personalized learning approach, small group intervention, and a well-balanced curriculum, KIPP Nexus students are able to learn at an accelerated pace. Teachers are adept at creating joyful, academically excellent environments. “At KIPP Nexus, we’re a team that’s going to hold students accountable every day, and we’re a team that’s going to let students know they are loved every day,” Larpenteur says.

While academic rigor is a staple of all KIPP schools, core content isn’t the sole focus at KIPP Nexus. Arts and enrichment classes are crucial to student development, and KIPP Nexus is intentional about creating these spaces for students to explore their passions and interests. Students at KIPP Nexus Primary School take classes in art, dance, music, and physical education. At the KIPP Nexus Middle School, students are also offered a STEM class that incorporates robotics and coding, as well as after-school dance and theatre programs and sports teams.

KIPP Nexus students also learn productive means of resolution. Instead of punitive measures like detentions and suspensions, educators moderate restorative conversations that hold students accountable. “You can watch the magic happen in these restorative practices,” Larpenteur says. “It’s pretty amazing to watch even our youngest students resolve conflicts in a healthy and mature way.”


The community at KIPP Nexus is tight-knit, and is made up of passionate educators, students, and families who want to be there. “I live 40 minutes away,” Pellerin says, “and I take that commute because I want to be here, at this school, on this campus, for these amazing students and this amazing community. This is where I really need to be.”

Join our community of joyful and academically excellent schools.


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