KIPP Paseo Primary: A Community that Fosters a Love of Learning

KIPP Paseo Primary, quite literally, shines; the gym floor’s polish is still unscratched and the smell of new paint lingers in the air. But when you walk through the hallways of the brand new, state-of-the-art building, you notice something beyond the physical attributes of the school — everywhere you look, you get the feeling of warmth, of joy, of community. In every room, you see a passionate educator in front of a group of engaged students. You hear music from the dance room, and laughter echoes down from the pre-K hallway. There is a shine to KIPP Paseo Primary — the glimmer that comes with newness, a clear sense of purpose, and unlimited potential.


KIPP Paseo Primary, founded in 2020, is committed to the academic and character development of each and every student. “In this new building, we have every opportunity at our fingertips,” School Leader Brandon Fried says. “The vision of KIPP Paseo is that no matter who you are or where you come from, you are a part of this space and can achieve whatever you want. Students here have the opportunity to engage in art, dance, physical education, technology, and science, so that they are able to have every experience they deserve from the earliest point in their education.”

At KIPP Paseo Primary, educators are committed to rigorous lessons in the core content areas of reading, writing, and math. Teaching and learning at KIPP Paseo, Fried says, “provides windows and mirrors – windows to see diverse perspectives and mirrors to reflect representations of ourselves. Our program is built on the belief that a strong foundation in literacy will support our overall academic experience, and we are constantly evolving as thinkers, readers and writers so we become critically aware of and engaged in our society.”


Core content isn’t the sole focus at KIPP Paseo Primary, however. KIPP Paseo students also take classes in visual art, dance, and physical education. “What we do every day is absolutely essential to the development of children, and that goes beyond academics,” pre-K4 teacher Nadia Abdalah says. “We build a strong foundation, and can help foster a love of learning from an early age. And it’s so important that we prioritize social-emotional growth, so when our students face challenges in life they have the strategies to manage and overcome them.”

KIPP Paseo Primary is just in its first year, but parents are already impressed. “My children learn in different ways,” says Ashley Washington, a parent of two pre-K4 KIPPsters, “and KIPP is so supportive about it. The love at KIPP Paseo Primary is so abundant. I love it. We all do.”

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