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At KIPP Texas, we understand that the education community uses many buzzwords and phrases. We have created a KIPP Texas Glossary to support our families navigate educational jargon with its many acronyms and learn more about the KIPP Texas culture.


Admission, Review, and Dismissal (Committee). An ARD meeting determines if a student is eligible for special education services and develops an Individual Education Program for eligible students. 


Behavior Intervention Plan. An individualized plan created to support students with behavioral/social and emotional needs and learning. 


An adult KIPP team member, teacher, or other KIPP staff.


Originating with Harriett Ball, chanting has become a signature technique used in KIPP schools to instruct, inspire, and inculcate KIPPsters into the culture. Although there is no one way to do chants, chants are most exciting when clapping, stomping, and banging accompany them. They can be used to teach anything from Grammar to Algebra. Harriet Ball found her elementary school classes learned a lot faster when she added music and movement to her lessons.


An agreement a parent, student, and teacher sign as a commitment to each other and their Little KIPPster’s education.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. KIPP Texas Public Schools is committed to embracing diversity, championing equity, fostering inclusive environments, and pursuing anti-racism in all we do as an organization.


English Language Arts. A series of courses that aims at developing the student’s comprehension and capacity for use of written and oral language


English learner or English language learner.


End-of-course assessments for English I, English II, Algebra I, Biology, and U.S History. A State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) test administered in December. 


End of year or end-of-year meeting. Referring to the end of the fiscal/school year.


Each day, students generally participate in some sort of enrichment period. During the enrichment period, students can play sports, complete crafts, do homework, or get extra help on class assignments.


Data & Equity days are included in the academic calendar as Professional Learning days centered around analyzing data and reflecting on systems to create equitable experiences for all students, families, and staff. Students do not attend school on Data & Equity days.


Field trips and field lessons are an integral part of the KIPP curriculum. Rewarding exceptional work and self-disciple and extending the lesson beyond the classroom are meaningful experiences for all KIPPsters. End-of-the-Year Field Lessons are used to motivate, reward, instruct and inspire. Typically each grade takes a trip each year.


Individual Education Program that is developed for eligible students during an ARD (Admission, Review and Dismissal) annual meeting.


Joy Factor. Inspiring happiness and excitement in learning and everyday work.


We believe in the creation of inspired lives produced by desire, discipline and dedication. We are not frightened by the challenges of reality but believe that we can change our world and our place within it. We work, plan, create and dream.

Our talent, character, and integrity will be the tools we need to build a better tomorrow. We believe that we can take this place, this time and the people here to empower our communities, create a more equitable world and insist on a more just society.

As a Team and a Family, we will either find a way or make one.


KIPP Parent Association/Organization.


Through KIPP Forward (formerly KIPP Through College), we’re supporting students to choose and prepare for the educational and career path that fits their goals and sense of purpose. Once on their way, KIPP Forward teams help alumni keep moving forward while pursuing their dreams.


Language Proficiency Assessment Committee. This committee is responsible for ensuring that students who are developing the English language have access to the appropriate instruction, support, and accommodations needed to comprehend and master content.


All students at KIPP Texas.


A charter school lottery is a random selection process by which applicants are admitted to a charter school to ensure that all applicants that do not have an enrollment priority have an equal chance of being admitted.


Measure of Academic Progress. This Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) assessment is used to measure student progress over time and to set goals for student growth in reading, math, and science.


Mid-year. A shorthand for measuring time within the school year.


National School Lunch Program. All public schools receive federal funding to support free and reduced-cost access to lunch and breakfast daily.  Schools collect family income information at the beginning of the year to identify which students qualify for support.


New to KIPP. Newly enrolled KIPP Texas students and their families are called new to KIPP. 


“One Song comes from my belief that like instrumentalists in a symphony, we all have unique talents to contribute to our shared mission. And, when we apply those talents collectively toward playing the same song, we can make beautiful music together, more beautiful than an individual instrument could make on its own. As we bring the unique instruments in our regions together, I believe that by singing One Song, we will drive the most impact for our KIPPsters.” – Sehba Ali, CEO of KIPP Texas


The statewide team of Regional Superintendents, Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, Managing Directors and Heads of schools who lead our teams to deliver on promises to schools, students, and families.


KIPP calls principals School Leaders.


The annual re-enrollment process kicks off in January each school year. All enrolled families must declare their intent to return to a KIPP school for the following year, update their information, and submit required documentation. For more information, check out


A current KIPP student about to transition between KIPP schools into one of our school’s entry grades (typically 5th or 9th).


Social-emotional learning. Learning that fosters the social and emotional skills of students. At KIPP Texas, SEL begins in Pre-K with a curriculum teaching self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.


Student Information System. This database houses all of our student data and feeds teacher grade books and is used for state and federal accountability systems.


S-Sit up straight, L-Listen, A- Assign yourself, N- Nod your head, T – Track the speaker. An acronym taught to all students that remind them of appropriate listening strategies while in class. As students develop appropriate listening habits while moving forward in grade level, the acronym is used less and less.


Special Education in partnership with families of eligible students with learning disabilities and special needs. 


State of Texas Academic Assessment of Readiness acronym. Basic state tests administered to students in late April of the school year and end-of-course exams in December.


Equivalent to a school principal.


The Texas Education Agency is the state agency that oversees primary and secondary public education. It is headed by the commissioner of education. 


Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System. An annual assessment for students who have been identified as English learners (ELs). TELPAS assesses English language proficiency in four language domains – listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


“Team Texas”
The team of state chiefs and regional superintendents (formerly called the executive team). At KIPP Texas they are: CEO Sehba Ali, Chief Operating Officer Vanessa Barry, Chief Administrative Officer Larry Guillory, Interim Chief Academic Officer Dr. Rona Simmons, Chief Financial Officer Sơn Nam Hàn, Chief Advancement Officer Ann Scott, Houston Regional Superintendent Frank Cush, Austin Regional Superintendent Justin Scott, Dallas-Fort Worth Superintendent Eric Coleman, and San Antonio Regional Superintendent Guadalupe Diaz.
To read more about T2, check out


Texas Education Information System- Our Student Information System houses all of our student data and feeds teacher grade books.


Team and Family is how we define the KIPP Texas community. We believe that we are all one organization that supports each other and perseveres to support our mission.


The list of students selected during the lottery who did not get a seat in the school, but could be contacted if a seat becomes available.

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