KIPP Texas Public Schools Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

We’ve reached that wonderful time of the year: Teacher Appreciation Week, which runs from May 5th to the 9th. This week is a time to cheer for our amazing KIPP Texas teachers and recognize the immense effort they pour into every single day across our 57 schools.

Our teachers are truly the beating heart of KIPP Texas. They stand not just at the head of the class but alongside our students, day in and day out, providing the tools and support needed for our Little KIPPsters to flourish in and outside the classroom. 

One parent from KIPP Esperanza Primary in San Antonio shared her heartfelt appreciation:

“I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible work that Ms. Alexis Howell has done with my son… who is currently in 2nd grade. Ms. Howell’s dedication and perseverance have made a remarkable difference in my son’s education. I sincerely hope that Ms. Howell receives the recognition she deserves for her exceptional work. She is an amazing teacher and a beacon of hope for students like my son.”

But they do more than instruct; they inspire. They encourage our KIPPsters to see a world of limitless possibilities and believe deeply in their potential. With over 70% of our educators identifying as Black, Latinx, or Hispanic, they mirror the diverse faces of our community, offering our Little KIPPsters real-life superheroes—heroes who empower them to chase their dreams.

This week and every week, we want to express our gratitude. Here are some ways you can do it! Send a thank you card, make a post on your social media to honor a Big KIPPster who has impacted your life, or simply offer a word of thanks next time you see them.

To every one of our KIPP Texas teachers, a huge thank you for your incredible dedication! Each of you is vital to us as we strive not only to create schools that excel academically but also to foster environments filled with joy and support. Your dedication to fostering a safe and inclusive space is what allows our KIPPsters to thrive academically. You empower them to chase any dream they set their hearts on, helping them lead rich, rewarding lives and contribute meaningfully to a world that’s moving toward greater fairness and equity. What makes KIPP Texas stand out is our teachers’ everyday compassion and steadfast support. We are truly thankful for the profound impact your hard work has on our Little KIPPsters’ lives.

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