KIPP Texas Together: April 2024 Family Newsletter


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KIPP Texas Families, 

Spring is finally here, and with the vibrant Texas wildflowers, we are celebrating the beauty of growth and renewal. Our Little KIPPsters have grown so much, and I couldn’t be prouder of their progress this school year.

I recently had the pleasure of participating in the “Shadow a KIPPster” day at KIPP Texas – Austin, where Big KIPPster school support partners had the opportunity to spend time alongside a Little KIPPster in their classrooms.The experience was nothing short of awe-inspiring. From thoughtful questions and insightful observations to their boundless energy and enthusiasm, our Little KIPPsters radiate brilliance in everything they do.

Our Little KIPPsters are like shining stars, each with unique brilliance waiting to be shared with the world. The Spring STAAR tests give them the perfect opportunity to let their light shine brightly and show just how amazing they truly are on this important measure of their progress.

But to make sure our kids sparkle with success during the important testing season, we need your help as our partners in education. Your love, support, and encouragement make all the difference. Let’s ensure our Little KIPPsters come to school every day with a well-rested mind and are on time and ready to Chase Excellence. Lastly, a few words of encouragement can make all the difference. Remind your KIPPster of their strengths and abilities, and let them know you believe in them. Sending them off to school with positivity will help set the tone for a successful day ahead!

Let’s make this spring STAAR testing season a time of celebration, growth, and success for our incredible students. Thank you for being our partner in your child’s education. Together, we’ll watch our Little KIPPsters shine brighter than ever before!

With gratitude, 
Sehba Ali
CEO of KIPP Texas

Bring Joy

Total Solar Eclipse Coming Our Way!

We are ready for an awe-inspiring event! :new_moon::telescope: Our community will experience a rare total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8, and all students will be part of this incredible moment during the school day. Little KIPPsters will safely witness the magic with eclipse glasses provided. Ensure your Little KIPPster is at school for an unforgettable learning experience with their teachers and classmates!✨ Learn more about the eclipse on the NASA website. 

KIPP Paseo Primary Little KIPPsters Receive Free Books!

Exciting news from KIPP Paseo Primary in Austin! Thanks to Book Drive for Kids Austin, each of the school’s Little KIPPsters received a free book! 📚🌟  This incredible opportunity fills us with gratitude and allows us to further our mission of promoting literacy and instilling a lifelong passion for reading in our KIPPsters. We’re immensely thankful for initiatives like this that help enrich our student’s educational journey and nurture their love for learning.

Share Your Love For A KIPP Texas Teacher!

Calling All KIPP Texas Families! 🎉

As Teacher Appreciation Week approaches from May 6 – May 10, let’s celebrate our amazing educators at KIPP Texas! Share gratitude for a teacher who has made a difference in your Little KIPPster’s education. Submit your shoutout by Wednesday, May 1

Let’s share how much our teachers mean to us! 💙

KIPP Texas Celebrates Arab Heritage Month! 

Throughout April, we honor the rich contributions, vibrant cultures, and diverse perspectives of Arab Americans. Let’s embrace unity, understanding, and appreciation for the beautiful tapestry of our community. By celebrating Arab Heritage Month, we foster a culture of inclusivity and respect.

In Case You Missed It: KIPPster Alumna Spotlight

Last month, we celebrated the remarkable women who shaped history, shattered barriers, and ignited change. Among them was KIPPster alumna Suguey Carmona! At just 14, Suguey developed the ‘Immigration Bonds’ program, helping users navigate immigration through Alexa. Now at the University of Texas at Austin, studying political science, Suguey aspires to become an immigration lawyer.


STAAR: Ready, Set, Shine!

The STAAR exams, short for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, are standardized assessments taken by students in Texas to assess their proficiency in subjects such as reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. These exams are essential for measuring student achievement and guiding educational decisions at individual and institutional levels. We are excited for our Little KIPPsters to show all they’ve learned this school year! 

Regular attendance supports academic success and ensures your student receives support from teachers and peers. By attending every day, students can fully engage with their learning, feel prepared for assessments, and reduce stress. View important calendar dates below and make sure our Little KIPPsters come to school on time each and every day prepared to shine brilliantly!

Spring 2024 STAAR Testing Dates

April 10

  • STAAR Reading/Language Arts: Grades 4,5,6
  • English 1

April 11

  • STAAR Reading/Language Arts: Grades 3,7,8
  • English 2

April 17

  • STAAR Science: Grades 5, 8
  • Biology EOC

April 18

  • STAAR Social Studies: Grade 8
  • U.S. History EOC

April 24

  • STAAR Math: Grades 4, 5, 6

April 25

  • STAAR Math: Grades 3, 7
  • Algebra 1
A Look Ahead

Parade Day (San Antonio Only Holiday): Friday, April 26

Last school day for students: Friday, May 24

Memorial Day: Monday, May 27

Inside the High School Experience at KIPP Texas!

Unlock the secrets to an amazing high school experience at KIPP Texas! 🎓 Discover five awesome reasons why our schools are the perfect fit for your Little KIPPster and their friends. From personalized learning to fun extracurricular activities, we’re here to help your student succeed and have a blast along the way. Click below to find out more! 🌟

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