KIPP Texas Together: February 2024 Family Newsletter


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KIPP Texas Families, 

February is Black History Month, and I am excited to champion the month as an opportunity to continue educating our Little KIPPsters about African American history, focusing on this year’s theme, ‘African Americans and the Arts.’ Throughout the month, we will celebrate by sharing the stories of history makers and our KIPPsters, who will undoubtedly leave their own legacy trails. 

As we enter the month of love, I want to convey my heartfelt appreciation and love for our Little KIPPsters and their families. Your presence and involvement make KIPP Texas a special community, and I truly value your partnership and support.

Is your Little KIPPster’s sibling eager to join our KIPP Texas Team and Family? We’ve got fantastic news! 🤗

Submit a student application on SchoolMint for new siblings who aren’t yet KIPPsters by February 26, and your application will receive sibling priority in the student lottery on March 4 to join the KIPP Texas Team and Family for the 2024-2025 school year. Let’s keep the family together and spread the love! 💖

Wishing you a month filled with love, joy, and celebration!

With gratitude, 
Sehba Ali
CEO of KIPP Texas

Bring Joy

KIPP Texas Celebrates Black History Month!

This February, we joyfully celebrate Black History Month—a time dedicated to honoring and appreciating the rich contributions of Black individuals throughout our shared history. This year’s national theme is African Americans and The Arts. From literature and music to visual arts and performance, the creative brilliance of the Black community has left an unforgettable mark on our cultural tapestry. At KIPP Texas, we are committed to fostering an inclusive community that values diversity, equity, and understanding. Let’s explore the stories, resilience, and cultural heritage. We invite you to dive into our latest KIPP Texas Blog to explore Black History Month. 🌟🎨📖

Beyond the Classroom: Forensic Adventures with Little KIPPsters🕵️‍♂️

Why do we often talk about college, career, and beyond? Here’s a glimpse: The Forensics Club and Technology Student Association chapter at KIPP Northeast College Prep High School wore investigator hats to conduct fingerprint processing! 🔬 This hands-on experience sparks curiosity and provides students with real-life skills and insights that go beyond the classroom, preparing them for the exciting journey ahead.

Joyful Learning in Full Swing Across KIPP Texas!

The first month of 2024 was filled with meaningful connections as our KIPPsters returned enthusiastically for joyful learning! 💙 We are thrilled to have kicked off the spring semester with boundless excitement as we continue witnessing the success of our amazing KIPPsters. Our Little KIPPsters’ daily attendance and dedication to learning inspire us every day. 📚 Let’s keep this momentum going! 


Friendships Positively Impact Student Performance

School is better with friends!  👫 Did you know friendships can positively impact students’ academic performance by providing emotional support and reducing stress, leading to improved focus and better concentration on schoolwork? This is according to a recent study you can read more about here

A Look Ahead
  • Equity & Data Day (Student Holiday): Friday, February 9 
  • President’s Day (No School): Monday, February 19 
  • Equity & Data Day (Student Holiday): Friday, March 8 
  • Spring Break: Monday, March 11 – Friday, March 15 (KIPPsters return to school Monday, March 18) 
Plan Your Travel Around KIPPster Success! ✈️

We understand the excitement of Spring Break (March 11-15) and the desire to create lasting family memories. We encourage you to plan your travel around the school calendar to maximize the benefits of perfect attendance. By aligning your trips with school breaks, your Little KIPPsters can enjoy a well-deserved break without missing crucial learning opportunities.

2023 Advanced Placement School Honor Roll

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that eight of our KIPP Texas schools made the College Board’s prestigious 2022-2023 AP Honor Roll!

  • KIPP Austin Collegiate
  • KIPP Generations High School
  • KIPP Houston High School
  • KIPP Somos Collegiate
  • KIPP University Prep High School
  • KIPP Austin Brave High School
  • KIPP Northeast College Preparatory
  • KIPP CONNECT Preparatory

College Board recognizes schools for creating advanced placement programs that deliver student results and broaden access! This accomplishment is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our students, teachers, and staff. Congratulations to all involved for this outstanding achievement! 🎉🏆

KTX Updates

KIPP Texas 2024-25 Student Lottery is March 4th!

Does your current Little KIPPster have a sibling who does not attend a KIPP Texas school yet? Submit a student application by February 26 on SchoolMint, and your application will receive sibling priority in the student lottery on March 4. To be included in the 2024-2025 student lottery on Monday, March 4, new families must apply by the deadline on February 26. Spread the love and refer a family today! 👫

Together with Communities Survey

We encourage you to make your voices heard by participating in the Together with Communities survey before the Thursday, February 29, deadline. Your feedback is important in shaping our initiatives and ensuring we meet our community’s needs effectively. Let your perspectives guide us as we strive to create an environment that supports every student’s success. Take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the conversation and contribute to the future of KIPP Texas. Thank you for your participation!

RFID Bus Cards: Elevating KIPP Texas Transportation!

In Case You Missed It: We recently introduced RFID bus cards for our KIPP Texas Team and Family. This innovative system enhances the safety and efficiency of our school bus transportation. With RFID cards, tracking your Little KIPPster’s bus journey becomes more seamless, ensuring a secure and reliable transportation experience. 🚌🌟

Family Resources

KIPP Texas Votes

The March Primary Election is just around the corner, and it’s time to prepare to make your voice heard! 

Save the Dates!

  • Monday, February 5th is the last day to register to vote or update your voter registration information!
    • Check to see if you are registered to vote here
    • Update your name and/or address on your voter registration here
    • Register to vote by completing this form and returning it to your County Voter Registrar in person or by mail. Voter registration forms must be postmarked by February 5th. 
  • Tuesday, February 20th is the beginning of Early Voting! Be sure to find your polling location and determine what is on your ballot before heading to the polls!
  • Friday, March 1st is the last day of Early Voting!
  • Tuesday, March 5th is Election Day! If you didn’t make it to the polls during Early Voting, be sure to get out and vote on this day!

For assistance with completing your voter registration or identifying your polling locations, contact Cassie Wills

In the News

KIPP Austin Collegiate Shines on the Basketball Court!

KIPP Austin Collegiate is one of ten Austin-area high school basketball teams that have surprised this season! Little KIPPster Genesis Robles is scoring an average of 12 points per game, and Little KIPPster Kendal Martin is rocking it with almost a double-double, scoring 9.8 points and grabbing 9.7 rebounds per game. Way to go! We’re super proud of the team’s hard work. 🏀🌟

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