Lottery Day & 2022-23 Academic Calendars Preview

KIPP Texas Families,

As we close this year’s celebration of Black History Month, I am filled with joy and thankfulness for the immense and rich celebrations that I’ve witnessed and read about this month. From KIPP Sharpstown’s art video to KIPP Austin Vista’s library display and more, it has been a remarkable month. I hope you will join me in a commitment to continue celebrating, learning, and rejoicing in the Black diaspora throughout the year.

Tomorrow marks the start of Women’s History Month, and there are countless women we should celebrate who have been movers and shakers of the world. One woman who continues to inspire me is Dr. Rian Wright (pictured below), Head of Schools in Houston. Her passion for our Little KIPPsters positively radiates from her and can be heard in her voice and seen in her actions. She is making HERstory! 

While there are many women to celebrate who are known in books, movies, and songs, we should also acknowledge and honor the women in our lives and communities who have helped pave the way for us all. Let’s celebrate our mothers, aunts, cousins, friends, and all of the women of KIPP Texas. We are a majority-woman organization with 3,335 (75.4%) people who identify as women. We should celebrate each of them. I encourage you to take a moment to write or speak to one of those women to say how much they have impacted you. One comment like that can make a world of difference to someone’s day and in their life.

2022-23 Academic Calendars

I’m proud to share a preview of the KIPP Texas 2022-23 Academic Calendar! While this is pending Board approval and may have some tweaks in the coming months, we believe it is in a great place after several rounds of auditing and thorough review.

Our Academic Calendar Committee has followed equity-based practices and ensured that we aligned as closely to neighboring ISDs as possible. They also made recent pivots to add Rest and Renew days for the next school year. I hope this is a tradition that we can continue as I’ve heard overwhelmingly positive feedback that these days are needed. 

Today is Student Lottery Day

🎉 It’s here! 🎉 It’s officially Lottery Day! We plan to offer more than 7,000 offers for open seats by 5PM today via SchoolMint, but the fun doesn’t stop there! 

Here are some details about what happens for new-to-KIPP families after Lottery Day.

  1. Check out our New-to-KIPP webpage for registration information and welcome events.
  2. Review our blog about what happens after the Lottery. 
  3. Please keep spreading the news about expanding the KIPP Team & Family. We accept applications all year round! 

Happy Lottery Day!


I also want to acknowledge that my thoughts are with those in Ukraine and all those impacted. It is saddening news to see and hear.

Lastly, as we end this month and prepare for the beauty of Spring and Women’s History Month, I hope each Little KIPPster knows that they are each history maker. Each day they walk into a classroom they are paving the way for themselves and their families. 

Have a fantastic week!


With gratitude,

Sehba Ali


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