Reasons to Persist with KIPP


When we say Team & Family, we mean it! Every Little KIPPster is a valued member of the Team & Family, and we want them and their families to persist with us year after year. 

At KIPP Texas Public Schools, we believe every student walks through the doors of school bearing gifts. Talent. Perspective. Drive. Inspiration. We support every student to see those gifts, then build the skills and confidence they need to thrive. Across our 59 schools, we want every Little KIPPster to:

  • Persist with Purpose: Staying with KIPP through high school ensures that Little KIPPster have an aligned curriculum and build academically every year.
  • Maintain Curriculum FocusStudents will engage in rigorous, college and career-ready curriculum for science, math, reading, writing, and social studies.

We are also proud to share that…

  • Our cumulative alumni college graduation rate is 4x higher than their peers with similar socio-economic backgrounds.
  • We are boosting college matriculation percentages to ensure over 90% of KTX graduates enter college each year.
  • Our scores exceed the average ACT composite score for economically disadvantaged students proving that more of our students are prepared for the academic demands of college. 
  • We have the highest percentage of schools in the top 20% of all KIPP schools for college readiness.

And did you know that KIPP Texas offers…

  • Sports and extracurriculars: We have a full range of sports and activities that promote character development and academic excellence. 
  • KIPP Forward: Each of our high schools have a college counselor and a career counselor at each as part of our KIPP Forward program. KIPP schools ensure each student has the skills and confidence to pursue any path that leads to their highest aspirations. Our counselors support students to choose and prepare for a right-fit college or education path and a meaningful career.
  • Brave and belonging spaces: Our schools provide a brave, safe, joyful and nurturing environment so that our students thrive and maximize their learning. 

Our goal is to make sure our KIPPsters are “ready for life”—a step beyond “ready for college.” We hope all of our KIPP Texas families remain part of our Team & Family.

To start the re-enrollment process for your current KIPPster, please visit our re-enrollment page for quick and easy navigation. The deadline for the 2022-23 re-enrollment is January 31, 2022.

For new students, you can apply today! Please start your application process here.

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