Sehba Shares: Celebrating Gratitude and Important Updates for KIPP Texas Families

Sehba Shares: A Message from the CEO

KIPP Texas Families, 

As we step into November, we are also entering one of my most favortie times of the year, the season of gratitude. This is a time when our hearts swell with appreciation, not just for the crisp autumn air and the changing colors of leaves, but for the incredible individuals that make up our KIPP Texas Team and Family.

This season holds a special place in my heart because it’s when we intentionally pause to acknowledge the dedication and unwavering spirit of our Little and Big KIPPsters, their families. It’s a time of reflection, gratitude, and deep respect for the educational journey we’ve undertaken together.

Just a friendly reminder: KTX will be closed from November 20-24, 2023, in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. Little KIPPsters will kick off their holiday break on Friday, November 17, a day dedicated to data and equity, meaning no school will be in session.

Thank you for being the heart of our KIPP Texas family. May this season of gratitude fill your hearts with warmth, your days with joy, and your lives with countless moments of connection and love.

Native American Heritage Month

November is also Native American Heritage Month. It’s a time to celebrate the beautiful and diverse cultures of our indigenous Native people. We honor and appreciate the rich history and contributions of Native communities. This month is an opportunity for all of us to learn more and show respect for the traditions and wisdom of Native Americans.Learn more about the month on our blog here

Amidst the anticipation of the joyful celebrations with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I also wish to take a moment to bring you up-to-date on several crucial matters about the school accountability ratings and a new Texas law about firearm safety. 

Accountability Ratings 

Recently, there have been news reports about the Texas Education Agency (TEA) accountability ratings. These ratings, which schools use to measure how well they are doing, have been delayed, and there’s no confirmed date for their release. Some school districts in Texas are not happy with the changes the TEA made to these ratings. They believe these changes could unfairly affect public schools. A judge in Travis County agreed with these school districts and temporarily stopped the TEA from using the new criteria for the ratings. The TEA will likely challenge this decision in the Court of Appeals, and the case might even go to the Texas Supreme Court.

Regardless of the uncertainties surrounding the accountability ratings, we continue to Chase Excellence and the hard work needed to become an A-rated school system. We are dedicated to our mission, and even though we are awaiting our accountability ratings, our expectations regarding student performance goals remain steadfast. We will persist in our efforts and determination to provide the best education for our Little KIPPsters.

Firearm Storage Safety 

Throughout the school year, we are dedicated to upholding our safety pledge, which prioritizes the well-being of our Little and Big KIPPsters. This commitment involves implementing sensible, recommended, and research-supported policies, procedures, and physical safety measures. To gain further insight into our safety protocols, please feel free to explore our KIPP Texas Safety page, accessible here

Today, I would like to inform you abgout a new Texas law that mandates schools to provide parents and guardians with essential information regarding firearm safety. Below, you will see firearm safety information, guidance on securing firearm storage, and how to engage in conversations with your Little KIPPsters and others about this topic.

  • It’s against the law in Texas to leave a gun where kids can easily get to it. If a child gets hold of a loaded gun and the person responsible for the gun didn’t take proper care, they could face legal consequences. 
  • Texas doesn’t charge taxes when you buy firearm safety equipment, so always keep firearms unloaded in a secure or locked container and store ammunition separately to ensure safety. 
  • Read more helpful information and resources on gun safety from the Texas Department of Public Safety here.


Thank you for being the heart of our KIPP Texas family. May this season of gratitude fill your hearts with warmth, your days with joy, and your lives with countless moments of connection and love.

With Gratitude,
Sehba Ali 

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