Sehba Shares: Making Every School Day Count at KIPP Texas

Sehba Shares: A Message from the CEO

KIPP Texas Families, 

We are halfway through the school year’s first semester, and it is flying by! November and December will go by in a flash with our scheduled breaks in the midst.

As the upcoming holidays approach, it’s crucial to emphasize the significance of regular school attendance for our KIPPsters.

Academic Growth & Achievement

Attending school daily is more than just a routine—it forms a fundamental foundation for academic success. Consistent attendance is directly linked to academic growth & achievement, enabling students to actively participate in learning, collaborate with peers,and benefit from the expertise of our dedicated Big KIPPsters. 

In the last school year, we found some big differences in how well students did. Specifically, in English I, KIPPsters who missed a lot of school had a passing rate 25% lower than those who came regularly. Also, in elementary and middle school (Kindergarten to 8th grade, 15% more students who were frequently absent scored the lowest in math and reading compared to those with consistent attendance.

KIPP Texas families, let’s ensure our Little KIPPsters come on time to school every day prepared to learn. You can view the academic calendar here to begin planning for the holiday season. 

Our commitment to ensuring our Little KIPPsters attend school regularly is an investment in their future success and supports our goal of being an A-rated school network. 

KIPP Texas – Houston Teachers Receive Kinder Excellence in Teaching Award

Today, I want to shout out four exceptional teachers from KIPP Texas – Houston who were recently announced as Kinder Excellence in Teaching awardees this month, which included a $25,000 check presentation for each teacher:

  • Fendi Baggs: KIPP Mosaic Academy – Dance 
  • Dr. Shatonya Sinclair: KIPP Voyage Academy for Girls – English Language Arts
  • Anjuli Crouch: KIPP Explore Academy – Pre-K4 
  • Peter Willett: KIPP Sharpstown College Prep – 9th Grade English, Literature 1 

Receiving this prestigious award is a testament to their exceptional teaching skills, innovative approaches, and the genuine care they show for their Little KIPPster’s growth and well-being. I am beyond proud! Congratulations! Learn more about the Kinder Excellence Teaching Awards on the blog

Their achievement reflects not just their hard work, but also the incredible support and mentorship provided by our network of school leaders.

National Principal Appreciation Month: Celebrating our KTX School Leaders

I want to thank our principals, whom we call school leaders, for leading the way in all KTX schools to ensure we are Chasing Excellence everyday and on the path forward to academic success. This October, it brings me immense joy to celebrate National Principals Month. This is a time when we take a moment to recognize and express our heartfelt appreciation for the remarkable leaders who guide our schools with unwavering dedication. Our 56 school leaders and 28 principal-in-residence leaders are the cornerstones of KIPP Texas, embodying our values of Chasing Excellence, Championing Equity, and Persisting with Purpose with compassion. They tirelessly work day in and day out to create brave and belonging spaces where all KIPPsters feel safe, and our students can learn, thrive, and succeed.

Share your stories, memories, and words of gratitude to show our school leader just how much they mean to us here


As we approach the joyous months of November and December, let’s remember how important it is for students to come to school regularly. Let’s keep Chasing Excellence and make every day count! 

With Gratitude,
Sehba Ali 

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