The long-lasting benefits of Pre-K

School readiness is so much more than knowing colors, shapes, and ABCs.

School readiness is so much more than knowing colors, shapes, and ABCs. Children’s skills and development are strongly influenced by their families and environment before they even start school. A school-ready child is engaged, eager to learn, willing and able to follow directions, and happily adjusted to group life in a classroom setting.

Enrolling your child in an early learning program will have a long lasting effect on a child’s life. Children in early childhood education programs are less likely to repeat a grade, more likely to graduate from high school, and higher earners in the workforce. Access to effective, diverse programs also breaks down structural barriers that have prevented all children — particularly children of color and children from disadvantaged families — from achieving their full potential.

Examples of how pre-K contributes to a child’s development:


Whether it’s make-believe play or constructive play, allowing kids to explore and pretend helps them interact with the world in new ways which leads to better imagination and learning.


Reading books and reading out loud are great ways to help your child build foundational language skills and contribute to your child’s ability to understand what they read. Reading to your child provides them with background knowledge on their young world, which helps them make sense of what they see, hear, and read.


Effective communication skills are integral to children’s self- expression, development of social relationships, and to their learning. Discussing things, even something as seemingly trivial as what they observe on a walk helps build verbal communication skills. Communication and language development happen best when done in a consistent, caring, and responsive manner.

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