September 27, 2021

Virtual Learning Update

KIPP Texas Families,

Last week I came across the powerful words of US Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor. She is quoted as saying, “It is important for all of us to appreciate where we come from and how that history has really shaped us in ways that we might not understand.” This resonated with me as we continue our celebration of Hispanic / Latine Heritage Month in our schools and communities.

Another strong woman leader who recently voiced her opinion is my teammate, Daphane Carter, KIPP Texas’ Chief Academic Officer and State Superintendent. The Houston Chronicle recently published her opinion article about the recent passing of House Bill 3979 and Senate Bill 3, sometimes referred to as “Critical Race Theory” bills, and how she feels it could impact our schools. Her words speak to the power of education and legislative impact on educators. You can read her opinion piece here


Virtual Learning Update 

I want to provide you with an update on our decision to offer a virtual school option for our KIPPsters. After meeting with various stakeholders, weighing the pros and cons, and assessing team capacity, we have arrived at the tough decision that, outside of our KIPP Remote Learning Academy for quarantined students which will continue, KIPP Texas will not offer a virtual learning program in the coming months. However, we are not completely closing the door to a virtual school option in the future. We will revisit this decision consistently throughout the year as we monitor COVID positivity rates and our academic recovery.  


KIPP Texas Votes

Did you know the deadline to register to vote in this year’s election is Monday, October 4? Texans will have the opportunity to vote on eight proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution. Turnout is historically low for these elections — in 2019, only 12% of eligible voters came out to the polls! Let’s contribute to a higher turnout this year. Learn more by visiting the KIPP Texas Votes hub — a one-stop-shop for non-partisan, up-to-date information about upcoming elections, getting registered to vote, and events at our schools. 


Last Tuesday was World Gratitude Day; I hope we can elongate the sentiment and continue sharing thanks and appreciation for those around us. Did you know that giving gratitude increases your positivity for seven days, and when you receive it, you hold onto that positivity for fourteen days? 

Gratitude is an important practice for both the giver and receiver. Research shows that taking time to practice gratitude is key for resiliency. In this season, I encourage you to take time each day to write thank-you notes, send a free Kudoboard card, make a call, send a text, or vocalize praise with a Big KIPPster, friend, or family member. Let’s lift each other up!

With gratitude,


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