Top 5 Reasons Families Love KIPP Texas Public Schools

The school year is off to a great start! We’re hearing great feedback from families about the joy their families are experiencing. Here are the top 5 reasons families are loving KIPP Texas Public Schools!

1) Joyful, Academically Excellent Schools

KIPP Texas schools cultivate a love for learning at all levels by making school fun, challenging, and exciting, while connecting each lesson to our students’ lives.  Six KIPP Texas schools received 100% of distinctions for which they were eligible, 30 schools earned at least one distinction designation, and 75% of our 56 rated schools received an A or B rating! KIPP Texas Public Schools as a network received an overall B rating!

“My favorite part about KIPP is the community and the teachers here.  They are so kind and really generous.” – Middle School Student at KIPP Camino in San Antonio

2) Increased Safety & Security

While COVID cases are getting better, we’re not out of the woods yet. We’re still adhering to health and safety protocols to keep the health of our KIPPsters a top priority. We strongly recommend mask usage in our schools and school buses. Review our health and safety protocols here.

We have heightened our security at each one of our campuses.  

  • Doors are to remain locked during each class period.  
  • Photo ID’s are required for any visitors arriving on campus. 
  • Security guards are in place at each of our schools.
  • Campus perimeter checks are required 3x per week.
  • All front entrance doors are locked at all times.

“We are constantly making sure that we know what to do in any situation whether it be a tornado, a fire, or an active shooter.” – KIPP Teacher, Liliana Benavidez

3) Future-Focused

With a focus on the futures of our KIPPsters, our KIPP Forward counselors guide students and alumni as they make critically conscious choices to chart their path toward a fulfilling life. KIPP Forward advisors remain in contact with KIPP Texas alumni to provide additional support as they continue their paths through college, career, and beyond.

4) Dedicated Teachers & Leaders

Teachers and Leaders at KIPP strive to make a difference. Our dedicated school teams create a culture of support, achievement, and personalized learning based on each student’s needs, skills, and interests.

“I do this work and love these students the way I do because it is actually life changing.  And when we change lives, we can also change the world.” – Etima Bowman, School Leader, KIPP Camino

5) Free Transportation & Meals 

With more than 1,000 bus stops across the state, there is a KIPP Texas bus stop within two miles of the home of every student who lives within our transportation zones. During our first day of school, we gave every student who rode our bus a free water bottle! Thanks to the Community Eligibility Provision, all students at established KIPP Texas School can receive free breakfast and lunch every school day.

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