KIPP Texas - Houston

KIPP Peace Elementary

Grades Served
Grades Served 2022-23 SY PreK3 - 4
Founded 2011
Teachers 44
Students 655

Our Vision

At KIPP Peace we are developing the leaders of tomorrow, by nurturing their creativity, knowledge, character, critical thinking and cultural relevance and respect skills. Students who attend KIPP Peace will be pushed to demonstrate excellence, integrity and determination.

Our Mission

KIPP Peace Elementary School’s staff, parents, and community are dedicated to the academic, social/emotional, cultural, and physical growth of our students. Our dynamic staff recognizes the value of joyful education & relationships to authentically connect to students. Our teaching practices are both reflective and responsive to the needs of our students. Through personalized approaches, our students discover their potential, achieve readiness for college and careers, and succeed in a safe and caring environment.

Andre Valentine

School Leader

Andre Valentine, a native of New Orleans and a proud graduate of Louisiana State University, has significantly impacted the field of education. After earning a bachelor's degree in computer science during his undergraduate studies, he completed his graduate work at Relay Graduate School of Education, where he obtained a Master of Teaching Degree in Elementary Education.

During his four-year tenure at Kandy Stripe Academy in Houston, TX, Mr. Valentine had the privilege of fostering young minds within the community of Sunnyside. This experience profoundly influenced him and fueled his dedication to propelling students toward surpassing the expectations of the status quo.

Mr. Valentine's extensive experience includes four years as an ELA teacher and an additional four years as an Instructional Coach at KIPP ZENITH Academy. Recognizing his exceptional contributions, he was appointed the Dean of Literacy in 2018 and led the Literacy department with distinction. He assumed the role of Assistant Principal at KIPP Zenith Academy in 2020.

Having dedicated a decade to the KIPP organization, Mr. Valentine's commitment to education and exceptional leadership led him to become Principal-in-Residence at KIPP Peace Elementary. During his entire year in this position, he demonstrated his ability to create a nurturing environment where students thrived academically and personally.

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